Smarter Time Management for Data Professionals

Smarter Time Management for Data Professionals

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While time management seems to get plenty of attention in most business settings, this is often not the case when it comes to data management. As a result, DataEntryOutsourced provides some “timely” food for thought about addressing dual business needs involving effective time management and data management.

The Purpose of a Routine in Data Management

Both habits and plans require a “routine” to provide the structure and discipline to get things done – “simpler is better” is a practical and concise guideline for making the “routine” a real possibility. Without a simplified and doable routine, you will frequently be forced to combine multiple activities and “multi-task” due to a lack of adequate time. If the task involves data management, lack of time is not the desired outcome!

How to Know When It Is Time to Change Your Routine

Time is always a precious commodity – here are five of the signs that you might need to adjust your routine:

  1. Feeling busy but unsure of what you accomplished at the end of the day
  2. Lack of personal fulfillment or satisfaction
  3. Daily activities seem more like chores than inspirations
  4. Constantly wondering what to do with your time
  5. You don’t trust that your current routine will help you achieve your goals

When you are uncomfortable with your routine, consider small and easy steps for changing your schedule. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook tackles his email first to avoid distractions as the day progresses.

Is Data Multi-Tasking a Good Idea?

How many tasks can you really perform accurately and effectively at the same time? Business managers and executives are gradually learning a lesson that many individual employees have already experienced – human brains are not really “hard wired” to focus on two things simultaneously.

Of course it depends on the specific tasks involved, but data multi-tasking (and other forms of multi-tasking) is highly overrated – some research reveals that multitasking actually reduces productivity by 40 percent. Successful data management requires focus, and multitasking usually detracts from focus in at least one of the areas being multi-tasked.

Overcoming Common Data Distractions

In both personal and business lives, it is all too common to become “distracted” and waste precious time. Focusing on your “core business” – such as data management – requires prioritization of time. Some of the most practical time management solutions will emerge with simple but critical questions. What is really important? What distractions can be eliminated from your daily routine?

Achieving a Productive Data Management Workflow

The best way to react if you feel overwhelmed and overloaded in your daily data management workflow is to stop and take control – and don’t overlook asking business colleagues and team members for help. If you manage or influence new technology in your company, help your company to choose new data management tools and processes that will solve a genuine time management problem for everyone.

Taming the Tools

One of the fundamental strategies for improving time management and data management is “taming the tools” – choosing smarter tools for database optimization. The most cost-effective way to do this is by consulting with data management experts such as DataEntryOutsourced.

Personal Data Management Questionnaire

Asking the “right questions” is always a winning strategy –your personal data management questionnaire will help lead you in the right direction with questions like these:

  • How long should data be archived and accessible?
  • Is it clear what “data” is included in my data management plan?
  • What can I do to de-clutter my desk?

Do You Have Data Management Questions?

DataEntryOutsourced wants to help you make data multi-tasking a thing of the past. Please share your questions and comments and pass them along via social media buttons. What data management and time management questions are the most challenging in your company?

– DataEntryOutsourced

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