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DEO’s Advanced Data Processing

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides Advanced Data Processing that addresses key data management, processing, organizational, and storage challenges faced by today’s businesses. With decades of providing data entry services, DEO has been a reliable name in optimizing data management and improving business outcomes for organizations of all industries. Our end-to-end solution transforms fragmented data into a holistic, usable framework so companies can identify patterns and trends within their data, solve critical problems, and seize opportunities from actionable insights.

Companies can utilize an efficient database, streamline their data management processes, and trust in the accuracy of well cleansed, quality data. DEO’s data processing ensures that information remains valuable by taking raw data and analyzing, sorting, organizing, interpreting, or preparing it for storage so that it can be better managed by your business.


DEO’s Exclusive Range of
Data Processing Services

DEO uses finely tuned, advanced processing methods to sort through a company’s data to provide comprehensive final results that are ready for your business’s future use, whether it’s for analysis or storage.

  • Data Mining

    DEO meticulously combs through data, including website, text, and database data, to correctly process the information that is not only accurate but also best suits your company’s requirements.

  • Transaction Processing

    DEO offers an in-depth means of helping your company keep track of sales and finances by ordering, organizing, submitting, and completing transactions. These services include order processing, claims processing, loan processing, and financial transaction processing.

  • Data Cleansing

    When your company has difficult databases that include multiple, duplicate, partial, error-filled, or discrepancy laden information, DEO’s cost-effective data processing scrubs your information of this extraneous information so you can work with accurate, organized information.

  • Image Processing

    DEO specializes in photo scanning and database entry, scaling and cropping, image manipulation, 3D image processing, and color adjustments. Includes retouching, tagging, Bounding Box, 3D visualization, feature extraction, mosaic creation, and automated quality assessment.

  • Data De-Duplication

    Businesses weighed down with thousands of duplicate informational sources can utilize DEO’s superior data processing, which cuts down excess data by merging information, deleting duplicates, and integrating existing data for a cleaner, user-friendly database.

  • Survey Processing

    DEO’s cohesive data processing service assists with this important task by offering printing and mailing options, research, survey set-up and design, statistical reporting, and Survey Data Entry to help companies interpret trends, productivity, and feedback.

  • Forms Processing

    DEO processes forms and extracts relevant information so that it is ready for analysis and retrieval. Includes insurance, warranty and guarantee cards, rental and lease agreements, reservation, market research, medical, contact, claims, payments, product registrations, and more.

  • Market Research Forms Processing

    DEO creates storage formatting for mass amounts of offline and online data, provides thorough research to assist your business in strategy development, creates easily searchable data entry, and extensive data analysis and data mining.

  • Check Processing

    Improve your business's revenue and curb costs by taking advantage of DEO’s Check Processing Services. We safely and efficiently handle electronic check processing, bank check processing, and all types of online check processing.

  • Mailing List Compilation Services

    DEO helps businesses manage, edit, generate, and clean their mailing list for better organization. Services also include splitting/combining database fields, inserting or removing fields, data entry and administration support, file sorting, database formatting, and record removal.

  • Order Processing

    Manage inventory and save money by using DEO’s order processing services. DEO inputs incoming orders and organizes them into a customer database, helps with payment and processing, offers multiple shipping options, ensures order fulfillment, and keeps transaction status current.

  • Credit Card Processing

    DEO’s secure CC Processing Services include, but are not limited to, billing services, customer query resolution, account execution, cash management, payment/e-payment processing, and fraud detection.

  • B3 Form Building

    For custom brokerage houses, DEO’s exclusive data processing services produce confidential, accurate, and timely results to facilitate shipment, documentation, indexing, or electronic worksheets at a competitive cost.

  • Electronic Bill of Lading Generation Processing

    DEO provides accurate digitizing for companies to safely ship and transport cargo. Your company will save time having an electronic means of drawing up information immediately upon request. Your e-BOL’s will be fully encrypted and saved within your servers for future use.

DEO’s Accurate and Efficient
Data Processing Methods

Our trusted data processing method utilizes advanced in-house software and manual analysis by trained experts to prepare your data for organization, analysis, and storage.

  • Organize and Index Data: The first step in DEO’s data processing system is to organize and index your company’s data in preparation for future storage or access. As the information supplied to our team often originates from multiple sources, incomplete, duplicate, or messy files, this crucial initial step helps provide additional accuracy and assessment.

  • Data Sorting: After the organizational step, DEO then arranges information into a pattern for meaningful interpretation and further data processing.

  • Data Storage: This final step of DEO’s meticulous data processing service stores the newly interpreted and organized information into a single database or format for your company to use as it best sees fit.

  • Aggregation: DEO’s state of the art data processing method then combines multiple pieces of data for a more comprehensive analysis.

  • Accurate Summarization: DEO takes all of the data, in whatever form it currently exists in, and reduces it to its most important and useful aspects so that all of the vital data is weeded from all of the excess, unnecessary information.

  • Data Classification: When required by your business, DEO can organize the data for further analysis, separating it into relevant categories, making the information even easier for your company to access.

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation: DEO’s data process then collects, organizes, interprets, and presents your business’s data in this complex and thorough aspect of the data process.

Endless Benefits
with DEO's Data Processing Services

Businesses can avail the benefits of offshore data processing services at DEO for validating, analyzing, interpreting, and organizing crucial data to better understand and utilize information exactly how and when it is needed.

  • Store Raw Data: For primary data that has not been manipulated, DEO can store it for a business for future analysis and usage, a perfect option for a business needing to process it at a later time. Raw data has endless potential, and DEO's data processing can provide your business with the means to access it.

  • Index any Volume of Data: For companies that work with large quantities of information, check out DEO's scalable data processing services so that you can continue to manage and use your business's valuable data. We can prepare and index any amount of data, so entrust us with your large scale data processing needs.

  • Validate and Categorize Data: DEO plucks the most vital and necessary information from a business's data sources and categorizes it to suit their particular needs, ensuring that the final database is clean, accurate, and reliable without any confusing, useless excess information.

  • Digital Formats: DEO's data processing services moves information quickly to be accessed easily in a variety of digital formats.

  • Exclusive Data Processing Assistance: DEO believes in working with our valued clients so that they can use their information correctly, which is why we show our clients how to structure their documents and files for a user friendly approach to data processing.

  • Evaluate and Process Erroneous Data: The expert data processing system at DEO allows our team to handle duplicate data, and even information that is replete with errors, and we are still able to produce perfectly accurate and conclusive results for a business.

  • User Friendly Formats: No need to hire expensive, expert employees to use complex database systems. DEO can process your information and store it for a smooth, easy to use format for the most simplified and time effective approach to your business's data needs.

  • Smaller, Cleaner Formats: Even large scale database sources can be processed by DEO and stored into a more modest single format using our state of the art data processing method.

  • Process All Data: Any of your business's data entry and data capture can be processed by DEO, no matter the source material or complexity, which means that even genre specific companies like health care industries, graphic design firms, or service industries can benefit from our data processing services.

  • Accurate Data: DEO's data processing method has been fine tuned for over 10 years. Our method of categorizing, sorting, validating, analyzing, and cross checking data provides completely reliable, error-proof, and honest results every time.

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Safe, Efficient, Cost Effective Data Processing at DEO

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