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Data Entry of Critical Construction Data for Environmental Effect Analysis

About the Client – American Environmental Effect Investigation Firm

The client is an American firm dealing with the legal and liability of real estate companies. Established in the 1980s, the company has been in the industry for a long time and has seen the construction and real estate industry blossoming over the years. Over the last three decades, the client has formed a highly experienced team of legal and operational experts that specializes in analyzing the environmental effects on structures.

As a leading environmental consulting services provider to numerous real estate companies across the world, our client has a decorated track record all these years – never failed to complete any contract or nor showed an inability to provide the services in their scope.

American Environmental Effect Investigation Firm

The requirement for Legal Document Validation and Data Entry

The client was looking for a reliable data entry service provider with an in-house team to handle their high-value data validation, structuring, and data entry project. Learning about Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) from the web, the client found out about our range of services –data conversion, form processing, CRM data entry, ERP data entry, and more.

The project that the client was handling was about lead contamination report preparation by collating information from different credible sources provided by the client. For this, the client also has the requirement of domain-specific knowledge. The client wanted our team to go through the input source documents provided by them and organize the information in a specified way, which would help the client prepare different reports.

Challenges Faced by Data Entry Outsourced Team

Though it seemed like a usual data structuring and data entry project, in the beginning, the niche nature of the industry data that the client wanted us to deal with was challenging. Following are a few challenges faced by DEO’s team, which we overcame with a bit of research and training:

  • Understanding industry jargons.
  • Comprehending test results and relevant documentation.
  • Extrapolating information from apartment drawings.
  • Document management and as one report entails multiple reports, certifications, and affidavits.
  • High accuracy prerequisites, including minor details like punctuation, capitalization, and correct nomenclature of components.

Professional Data Entry Process Followed for This Project

The process following this data entry project involved extensive training of all the five data entry operators. The process outline for the project was as follows:

  1. A five-member team was formed to handle this project based on their background and experience over such niche projects. A separate QC team was also trained alongside the operators on the contextual information around the project, including the reason and objective.
  2. Our team observed the input parameters – apartment inspectors’ observations, test readings, and certificates. All the information was structured and entered into specific fields based on the client’s instructions.
  3. Two-level quality checks were done to ensure error-free deliverables.
  4. As per the task instructions from the client, the final documents in the form of PDFs, Excel sheets, and Microsoft Word documents were sent to the client.

Takeaways - Proactive Measures to Streamline the Process

The client was satisfied with Data Entry Outsourced’s ability to incorporate different processes into a single workflow. Indeed, our data entry team’s ability to adapt and learn industry-specific information to error-free deliverables was the biggest takeaway for the client.

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