Data Conversion Software for Your Business

Today's businesses don't have to be limited by their data. Organizations can expand and distribute their information on pace with the daily demands of modern business functions using data conversion software.

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is an international data entry and data conversion service provider with a technology framework that features on the most trusted, digital data conversion tools and software on the market. Our data conversion engineers are committed to ongoing training so that we can establish mastery in latest data conversion techniques, software, and tools, with conversion methodologies crafted by our experienced technicians. Technology and human expertise are the cornerstones of DEO's service model.

Data conversion software transforms data from one source format to another, depending on the business function and objective. Licensed, sophisticated data conversion software technologies and techniques is capable of converting information while offering consistent, quality driven data conversion results without loss of data, particularly when coupled with a dedicated, knowledgeable team of conversion specialists.

Strategy-Driven Application of Data Conversion Software

The high-end software is instrumental to successful data conversion. DEO utilizes different software solutions depending on the type of conversion, business domain, and intended application.

  • Watson Discovery

    Built-in document conversion with a cloud capability, this complex, top of the line software utilizes intelligent AI and Machine Learning for intuitive conversion.

    • Business Scenario: DEO achieves better levels of customization while converting, segmenting, and tailoring conversion per domain with this advanced, AI conversion software.
  • Enterprise Data Conversion

    This software demands an advanced level of expertise. It allows both structured and unstructured data to be integrated with different business applications and databases as needed and helps minimize conversion errors.

    • Business Scenario: With this software, DEO validates and aggregates data during conversion, while accessing and analyzing data sets.
  • Xerox Nuance

    Offers highly developed OCR capabilities that retain all document data during scanning, and a staunch accuracy level during conversion and integration.

    • Business Scenario: When complicated documents need to be converted, including those with barcodes, form fields (such as on invoices and spreadsheets), or alphanumeric symbols and special characters, DEO utilizes this OCR specialized conversion software.

Benefits of Data Conversion

With data conversion, businesses can improve data visibility and flexibility, transform encoded data, and have interoperability and increased data functionality.

  • Publish data on the web
  • Upload information on different platforms
  • Format data to integrate with new or existing software and prepare it for use with different systems and applications
  • Convert to a more universally understandable language
  • Optimize visibility and information sharing
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Storage limitations can be alleviated with a format that requires less storage space
  • Convert to and from PDF, XML, HTML, Excel, RTF, Text, Word, and more

More than Conversion Software Services, a Human Solution

The best data conversion software can only go so far. It's the professionals behind the data conversion tasks understand the objective behind data conversion and manage the data in the right format.

Data Entry Outsourced provides the human element required to effectively deliver data conversion results to businesses. With our emphasis on ongoing training and education in conversion techniques and software and the expertise of a certified team, DEO connects technology with human skills for outcomes that exceed expectation.

Industry Solutions and Data Conversion Example

DEO is unique in our ability to work autonomously to produce results. We understand which data formats work best for certain applications, usage, and business directives. DEO determines an optimized conversion methodology, selecting the best software per project, and handles the entire conversion process successfully from start to finish, offering custom conversion solutions for all domains.

  • Finance and Insurance: Convert their Excel-based spreadsheets for financing, accounting, and customer information into a more condensed format for a simple display that all departments can read and work with.
  • eCommerce and Retail: Convert data to a web supported language standard to ensure that information can be published, presented, and stored in an online format.
  • Transportation, Manufacturing, Industrial: Convert and update legacy documents and data, and streamline supplier, partner, and vendor data and logistics for increased productivity and information reliability.
  • Sports, Media, Entertainment: Better manage records, employee data, and share information quickly amongst appropriate channels.

Streamline Workflows with Data Conversion Expertise

DEO understands that your data conversion needs are unique, so we offer inclusive pricing packages that accommodate flat projects fees, hourly rates, and bulk orders. Risk-Free, complimentary consultation and quote will help your company get started on the right track with your data conversion project.

Take advantage of high-end data conversion software without the hassle or learning curve, with the trusted global data management solution outsourcing partners at Data Entry Outsourced.

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