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Secure and Advanced Data Capture Services by Experts

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) collects valuable information for businesses from myriad sources using our affordable and efficient data capture services. DEO assists companies with cataloging and managing their data for optimal informational usage. Our knowledgeable team collects data from outside sources, including the data entry process itself, forms, e-Documents, and converts the data into efficient, quickly retrievable databases.

DEO's data capture is utilized in a broad spectrum of areas for simplified data management, including data processing, keying image content, web data extraction, and much more. Company growth depends on successful information analysis and application, which is why DEO's data capture offers endless opportunities for any discerning business.


Expertise of DEO's Data Capture Experts

DEO offers an extensive range of data capture services in everything from images to web information to company files.

  • For book covers, photos, business marketing and promotion, and everything in between, DEO offers paper to image conversion to digitalize images for a variety of uses.

  • DEO can streamline information in forms, such as data fields, and convert it to any electronic format required with our exclusive form capture, part of our in depth data capture services.

  • Stay organized and collects valuable information with DEO's specialized data capture experts digitalized paper or hard file version of coupons, vouchers, receipts, and more!

  • DEO helps businesses stay on top of their competitor's success rates, marketing techniques, and customer growth with Competitor Information Capture, which catalogs a wide range of competing business's information for comparison, analysis, and strategizing.

  • DEO's data capture services include Check Scanning and Imaging, for easier access to monetary and client information.

  • DEO correctly and quickly captures information from checks, microfilm, magnetic tapes, photos, and more hard data; a perfect option for archiving data. Streamline business management, and better utilize and access information with databases that are formatted for your specific needs!

  • DEO also performs quality Data Capture Services in other areas that include scanning and electronic data capture, direct mail, image archiving, microfilm digitalization, and more.

DEO's Data Capture Method

DEO has refined our data capture methods to provide the fastest, most secure, and best possible results for collecting specific, customized, and helpful data.

  • Identify Objects: DEO's data capture process begins with assessing keywords, important informational patterns, image characteristics, and other identifying objects. The source data can come from outside or in house origins. Then our software organizes the vital data from the extraneous, surrounding images, files, documents, web info, or data.

  • Data Collection: The collected data is then sorted and prepared so that it can be read and used by a different format.

  • Data is entered into Computer System: DEO then enters the collected data into a secure system that's easy to access and meets the requirements of a particular business type as part of our customizable data capture services.

Large Variety of Data Capture Benefits

Data Capture is an important aspect for any business genre, whether it's finance or healthcare, or anything in between. DEO's meticulous, cost effective data capture service is a must for collecting valuable information across a range of formats.

  • OCR: DEO's Data Capture utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for increased accuracy and affordability to help work with a variety of budgets, a great option for growing businesses.

  • Ensure Cleaner Data Quality: Information will be formatted correctly for more efficient use, ensuring that the exact data your business requires is readily available and free of any discrepancies with DEO's data capture services.

  • Extract Only the Necessary Information: Rely on DEO's experience and expertise in Data Capture, as we carefully assess our client's particular needs and only extract the most relevant data to be used for your business's specifications.

  • Clarify Data Discrepancies: Data is only useful to your business if the information is correct, so trust DEO's data capture services to fix existing errors, delete duplicate data, and carefully format the final, correct data into a new database that's free of troublesome issues and inaccuracies.

  • Characterize and Share Data: Share important client information, business data, files, product quantities, and so much more, across multiple software systems, office locations, and company partners and subsidiaries. DEO's data capture simplifies the sharing process, creating databases that can be shared across a range of software and platforms.

  • Customizable and Scalable: Remove the hassle from day to day business practices with DEO's customizable and scalable capture services, which enables us to meet your specifications so that your final database works how you want it, when you want it. No project is too big or too small with our scalable services that collect data in any quantity.

  • Transfer Images into Text: DEO's comprehensive data capture services include transferring scanned images into searchable text files, so that you can sort through and find the exact data you need, when you need it.

  • Scan Paper Documents: Many businesses can benefit from DEO's data capture services when preparing paper documents for structuring data into an electronic format. Easily searchable, accessible, and more efficient that relying on paper data, a must have service for a busy business.

  • Translate Hand Printed Characters: DEO can translate hand printed and written characters for more in depth analysis and retrieval with Data Capture, ensuring that your company doesn't have to struggle through difficult to read information. A great choice for doctor's offices, hospitals, small businesses, and more.

  • Barcode Recognition: DEO's technicians are able to use barcode recognition during Data Capture to retrieve data and increase business processes, adding speed and accuracy to any company practice.

  • Record Data to be Calculated: DEO can collect and record data for future calculations, enabling business's to better understand monetary information, statistics, pricing information, and more.

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