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Data Entry Pricing presents you with a variety of data entry services, including data processing, data mining, and eCommerce data updating, amongst other services. We will run you through our proposed plan for your particular choice of data entry services that we cater for your unique business, so you'll be with us every step of the way. Before we get the ball rolling, we will give you the data entry pricing for services you choose, and we'll make sure that we satisfy your wallet, in addition to your expectations of our tremendously executed services.

Data Management Pricing

There are many specific duties that create the base of data management pricing. One must factor-in the breadth of each duty or service, along with other factors, such as the support and technology deployment needed for your particular business. This will serve as guidelines to what certain services will cost; however, specific estimates can only be acquired through discussion with one of our experts. We do promise that our prices are fair and that our dedicated work will exceed its price.

Projected Data Entry Pricing for Popular Services

Data Entry

  • Our basic data entry services starts at $6/hour
  • Price will vary depending on certain factors: TAT, technology development, complexity, as well as volume and weekend support.

Data Processing

  • The base rate for data processing is $7/hour
  • Data processing also depends on a number of factors that we will discuss with you, based on your particular business.

Data Mining

  • The base rate for data mining is $8/hour
  • Factors to consider: fields to extract information, specifications of your particular business, and the complexity of the situation.

eCommerce Data Updating

  • The base rate for eCommerce data updating is $6/hour
  • Again, a number of factors will influence the final price decision, and you can contact us for a final price based on factors we will openly discuss.

Catalog Management


  • Factors in play for data entry pricing of ePub services: conversion size, and type of conversion
  • Example: 300 page book conversion will typically start at $60 or more.
  • Single page conversions start at $0.15 each.
  • PDF templates start at $0.35 each.
  • If the conversion has chemical or scientific formulas, each page will cost about $0.40/page.