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Catalog Building and Indexing

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides Catalog Building and Indexing Services tailored to enhance businesses' product offerings and expand the scope of their catalog reach across channels.

DEO enables businesses with carefully organized Catalogue content to help customers, employees, shipping deployment centers, and internal operations keep track of products, inventory levels, pricing, and details. DEO's Catalogue Building and Indexing Solutions are available to customize categorization and classification of catalog items and streamline searchability, retrievability, and management.

The scalable and personalized approach of DEO to catalog management ensures that businesses save money, gain valuable resources, and improve quality across all catalog offerings.


Comprehensive Catalogue
Building and Indexing Services

DEO's service range accelerates the process of building and deploying a high-performance product catalog. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Catalog Indexing

    DEO configures a customized digital classification system instead of relying on standardized templates. Alphanumeric codes, graphs and tables, images, text, dimensions, available quantity, MSRP, and other elements are added to the catalog data where needed to contextualize the existing information.

  • Catalogue Data Processing

    After capturing and collecting scanned, pdf, hard copy, and website catalog data from your business during data entry, DEO process the data for updated, clean, non-redundant information. Image retouching and resizing, data editing and merging, and other enrichment components are included for best results.

  • Catalogue Database Creation

    DEO creates a custom database that can be formatted to work across your company's systems, and enables a simplified, fast way to search, retrieve access, upload, store, and share catalog information.

  • Catalogue Management System

    DEO can create a system that supports the entire e-commerce product management process. Product definition, storage, and retrieval are integrated with a versatile and diverse schema to help businesses govern their merchandise and inventory and assist in managing the repository of their product data.

  • Catalog Building

    DEO builds an entirely original catalog featuring appealing designs and details, and error-free data that effectively showcases products in an attractive digital brochure that maximizes the viewing experience. Alternatively, DEO can work with your business's current catalog and add new products, images, SKU codes, prices, and descriptions to the existing item range.

Benefits of Utilizing
DEO's Catalog Management Solutions

Organizations looking for comprehensive, affordable catalog management services can find them with DEO, and gain the following benefits:

  • Eliminate Product Discrepancies: Businesses can ensure the quality of their product data featured across all channels is consistent and high quality, with no discrepancies between price, details, and product assortments.

  • Highlight Products: Companies can better showcase their products to customers with coordinated data that are informative, unique, and relevant across catalogs and marketplaces.

  • Offline and Online Options: Organizations can update catalogs both offline and online to increase sales, improve customer retention, and establish more successful e-commerce strategies.

  • Customer Appeal: DEO builds and organizes product information in a way that allows customers to easily search for, identify, and purchase the exact product they're looking for with vivid, accurate, and detailed catalog data.

  • Catalog Scalability: An assortment of indexed, structured catalog data, without any spelling errors, product discrepancies, or missing and incomplete attributes, enables companies to build a foundation for a larger catalog of products and grow their business.

  • Overcome Challenges: Overcome catalog management challenges such as formatting new product information from suppliers, adding new item attributes, compiling product data, and classifying similar items for multi-supplier catalogs.

  • Multi-Channel Catalogues: Businesses can provide an agile shopping experience with catalog information that's modified to suit retail and wholesale, various channels, purposes, and customer bases, such as transforming product images and videos for different shopping experiences.

  • Performance Enhancing Approach: DEO's approach to Catalogue Building and Indexing includes initial research, needs assessment, and product evaluations to strengthen accuracy and relevancy, and emphasize critical elements like data reliability, classification, and organizational design.

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Cost-Effective and Responsive Catalog Building Services

Businesses can refine their catalogs with meticulous, enriched content, and provide a better shopping experience for their customers. Working with a skilled, dedicated outsourcing partner, like Data Entry Outsourced, enables companies to safeguard their catalog data security, gain quality assurance guarantees, and access professional data processing specialists, image editors, and catalog management solutions.

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