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Round-the-clock Data Entry Support for Award-winning American Business House

About the Client – An Award-winning American Company

This client is a US-based company founded in 2005. Their founding goal was to provide an easy way to gain access to information from anywhere in the world and collaborate. This goal has since evolved into a mission to power how the world collaborates together – expanding on their founding goal on a much larger scale. This client has grown into a collaboration of 95,000 companies with 70% of those companies achieving Fortune 500 status. They remain diligent to their founding goal of innovating the way organizations collaborate around the world.

Award-winning American Company

Requirements for Top Quality Online Data Entry Services

In order to meet the demands of their business and fulfill their founding promise, the client needed to find an online data entry service provider that could guarantee data quality. They came across numerous data entry providers, but the client had to be picky because they couldn’t risk getting bad data. That’s when they approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) because of the following key reasons:

After discovering Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) online, the client secured our services due to the following:

  • Data entry services had to be provided promptly and accurately with no errors.
  • 24/7 support from with weekend coverage when needed.

Data Entry Challenges in This Project

The greatest challenge with this project was the volume of high-quality data that had to be entered on a continuous basis. In other words, we would end up working with a large volume of data in a short timeframe and there could be no errors. Strict project adherence was essential to this company.

Our Approach to This Online Data Entry Project

We carefully laid out a detailed step-by-step plan in accordance to the client’s strict requirements. Our two main goals were to meet the timeframe requires of the client while ensuring that the data remained error-free. This plan organized every step in a way that allowed our team to focus on the data entry process itself.

  1. Had an initial discussion with the client where all requirements and deadlines were discussed. Then we presented our plan.
  2. Logged into the client’s online portal using the credentials provided by the client.
  3. Received scanned documents that were to be put into the system. We then renamed each file and moved them to the file of the job name. This would ensure documents remained organized.
  4. Sent a “welcome” email to all new clients every day, including weekends.
  5. Sent a “follow up” email to each client every day, including weekends.
  6. Kept track of a spreadsheet after completing Step 4 and Step 5.
  7. Our data entry experts put all new client information into customer survey software.
  8. Send out Customer Service emails to every active job every day, including weekends.
  9. Performed other clerical tasks on occasion.

Additional Details Worth Mentioning

Due to the nature of this data entry project, there was no way to predict the number of new clients that would be received on each day. So, the amount of data entry remained in flux. DEO had to be highly flexible in this regard.

Project Takeaways – The Client Saved Significant Time and Money

Since Data Entry Outsourced was able to provide a dedicated virtual team to the client assisting them in their data entry projects. The client experienced the benefit of outsourcing a whole lot of tasks pertaining to multiple departments to a single provider. It freed up their in-house teams to focus on more important, growth-oriented tasks.

At DEO, our analysts provide a range of data entry services such as data mining, data conversion, data processing services. If you have a similar project, let us know and one of our experienced analysts will contact you with a custom quote.

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