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Data Conversion Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) uses exclusive software, and conversion techniques crafted by our own technicians, to perform complex data conversion services carefully tailored to suit a wide-range of business needs. Businesses with multiple forms of data content, such as files, catalogs, periodicals, web data, PDF, or databases require a streamlined, single-use format in order to best access their data quickly and easily.


DEO's Varied Data Conversion Services

Outsourcing data conversion services DEO offer businesses a mean of organizing countless amounts of data, including hard copies, files, or digital content, producing a single, sleek format for easy to retrieve data access.

  • XML Conversion

    DEO enables your business to adapt to versatile data options by converting files, documents, data and other information into XML files which can be used across a multitude of software and operating systems.

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  • HTML Conversion

    If you are building a website, or require coded files, you’ll need to transform Word, PDF, and PowerPoint files into HTML which is easily read by the search engines. DEO can handle HTML conversion effortlessly, turning thousands of pages into HTML code.

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  • PDF Conversion

    DEO creates PDF versions of your content such as books, brochures, reports and documents. These PDFs are searchable and enables your information to be accessed easily online. We make sure to keep the style, formatting, images, and text in their original state, as intended.

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  • Electronic Document Management(EDM)

    DEO can create and manage all crucial business documents for you. Our electronic document management services help in reducing costs and the time associated with gathering and maintaining electronic data. We manage the creation, use, and storage of documents in multiple formats.

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  • Book Conversion

    DEO offers data conversion from physical books or documents into a digital format. We create high quality, affordable eBooks that are ready to publish at the push of a button. We ensure that the integrity of the original book remains intact, both in terms of style and content.

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  • Document Conversion

    There are times when your previous file formats are no longer compatible with your business needs. DEO is able to provide you with accurate, cost effective document conversion, digitizing hard files, or updating current files to newer, more compatible formats.

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  • SGML Conversion

    SGML, often used in government, academic organisations and corporate businesses, manages the conversion of your high value files. At DEO, our comprehensive security procedures guarantee the safety of your data in an SGML conversion, and ensure that no data is lost.

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  • Word Formatting

    When you require your Word files to pack more of a punch, DEO provides enhanced, custom word formatting to create striking, creative and professional styles that appeal to wider audiences. We adjust font styles and sizes, add images and tables, and adjust your content in whichever way you need.

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  • Catalog Conversion

    DEO provides catalog conversion services to give businesses easier access to important data. We help to quickly and accurately collect relevant catalog data from hard copies, files, PDFs, websites, or manufacturing sites, and enter it into our state-of-the-art system for processing.

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DEO's Tailored Approach
to the Data Conversion Process

Utilizing the most advanced software across multiple platforms, DEO has developed a state of the art data conversion process that efficiently manages any data conversion task.

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  • Assessment of Provided Data: DEO's trained technicians first study the data provided by a company or individual, and determine what results best suits your unique needs. We approach each individual project with a customized assessment to ensure that the data is converted into a format that is most efficient and cost effective for your business model.

  • Data Conversion: After your company's information has been prepared for the best possible formatting, DEO uses exclusive data conversion software to convert your original information and data. Using complex mathematical coding, the original source data goes through a tailor made conversion program to create a new format, be it XML, Word, or HTML, to name just a few. The possibilities are endless with DEO's exclusive data conversion services.

  • Final, Simplified Database: After the data has gone through the conversion process, DEO creates a new, streamlined, and clean database, file, or format that allows the necessary information to be easily retrieved and utilized by your business.

How DEO's Data Conversion
Services Benefit Your Business

Any business looking to better manage multiple data sources can benefit from DEO's carefully designed data conversion services, as we are best able to manage any format, including massive quantities, or complex files.

  • Store Any Form of Data: PDF, HML, documents, hard files, images, audio, or books can all be converted for simple storage in a single format with DEO's advanced approach to data conversion.

  • Convert Hard and Digital Copies: Business's utilizing data from hard files such as books or paper documents, or even digital copies, can benefit from DEO's efficient data conversion formatting techniques.

  • Easily Transferable Data: Through fax, FTP, and more.

  • Data Loss Prevention: Ensure that your business doesn't lose important information by tasking DEO with converting multiple or messy files and documents into a one-stop format for ease of use and quick search capability.

  • Easily Shared or Stored Data: DEO's efficient data conversion services afford any company with the ability to best share and store their unique information. Utilize all of your business's vital information by allowing DEO to create one, well-organized file that holds all of your necessary data.

  • Work with All Document and File Types: There is no limit to the types of data DEO is able to convert, and our services are entirely scalable. Electronic, audio, image, paper, XML, PPT, RTF, or design files: we can convert to or from any of these or all of these formats!

  • Custom Made Styles to Enhance Your Documents: Ensure that your data, such as word documents, best showcases your company by choosing DEO's data conversion services. We creatively stylize your information to best enhance your company's unique services so that your business stands out amongst your competitors.

  • Files are Ready for Use with Any Type of Hardware: For businesses that utilize genre specific hardware, DEO's data conversion services offer a range of formatting to ensure that you are able to access and use your company's information.

  • Use Automated and Manual Services: DEO takes a tailored approach to data conversion to best provide the most efficient and successful results. We provide both automated and manual data conversion services depending on each unique project and business.

  • Manage and Edit Interconnected Files: For databases or original formats that are interconnected or used across multiple platforms, DEO's data conversion process ensure that these can continue to be easily managed and accessed.

You will be able to easily and consistently view, edit, and analyze all types of information, with all of your data in a centralized, secure, permanent location for easy access.

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Professional and Superior Data Conversion at DEO

There is no limit to the data conversion services DEO's expert technicians are capable of, so contact us today to see how we can best help your business enjoy well organized, single format databases.