PDF to Kindle eBooks Creation for Renowned American Publishing Company

About the Client – Popular American Publishing House

The client is a content development house focused on creating franchise content. From books to videos, the client has been developing great content for years. With a team of highly experienced writers, content analysts backed by a diverse leadership team, the client has craved a reputation in the marketing and publishing industry. The client has been closely associated with leading filmmakers and media houses in a variety of content development projects. Based in the US, the client does not only have a customer base in the American states but across the world.

The Requirement for PDF to eBook Conversion

After learning about Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) and our experience in data conversion services, the client decided to partner with us for this PDF conversion project. As part of a high-value project, the client had a huge set of soft copies of books that they wanted DEO’s team to convert into the Kindle format. The client had sent 54 eBooks for conversion and needed in batches as per their specific delivery timelines.

Time Sensitive Delivery was the Biggest Challenge

The project posed the usual challenges of a tight delivery timeline for our team. Along with this, the poor resolution of some of the books was another challenge that the team dealt with. Having delivered hundreds of data conversion projects with similar challenges, our data entry team handled the challenges and sent all the periodic deliveries in time.

eBook Conversion Process Followed by Data Entry Outsourced

The PDF conversion process was straight and simple. However, our team ensured the accuracy of the content with multi-level quality checks by following a stringent process:

  • After receiving the eBook files from the client, DEO formed an experienced team of data entry operators for this project.
  • As some of the eBook copies were not clear, almost all the eBooks were re-created by manual data entry.
  • The PDFs were converted into Kindle format.
  • Two rounds of the quality check were carried out to ensure accuracy.
  • The final files were uploaded to the client’s server.

Project Takeaways – Proactive Communication and Precise Deliverables

Even though the Data Entry Outsourced team had to re-create the eBooks by typing the content word by word, still none of the delivery timelines were missed. The client also was satisfied by the quality of the deliverables and the proactive communication from DEO throughout the project. If you have a similar project or any other requirement in data entry or data processing, contact us today.

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