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SGML, or Standard Generalized Markup Language, is a type of programming language used within the IT industry—particularly within governments, academic institutions, and large corporate bodies. Converting to and from SGML is an important part of running a successful organization, but without the right tools and experience, it can be difficult to complete the process on your own.

SGML is often used to manage files that are of high value and need to be both edited and interconnected to other files, but the process of creating them and managing them can be expensive and time consuming. That's why we offer SGML conversion. Our experts know how to convert SGML within your budget, and we're confident we can provide you with the conversion you need.

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Our SGML Conversion Services

We offer a broad range of SGML conversion services. Just a small sample of these services includes:

  • We incorporate professional, reliable and accurate data conversion services, for both complex and cost sensitive data projects’ needs. We also define markup languages for documents and manage large volumes of information which require frequent revision.

  • Separating print or digital content into detailed, accurate pages, our team at DEO provides composition and pagination services. This includes adding consecutive numbers to identify the sequential order of pages, as well as customized typesetting requirements.

  • Leaders in graphic and photo manipulation, our expertise includes damage and error removal, 3D modeling, brochure enhancements, and brand identity displays. We are also adept at rendering any graphics for better integration into your programming code or websites.

  • Using professional insights and leading software, our team is ready and able to assist with any SGML implementation and maintenance project. We provide customer-based consulting services, including project planning, customized markup language creation, and any required system migrations.

  • Converting to and from SGML is an important facet of a successful project. Accurate data imports from Excel could mean the difference between a running spreadsheet and a financial nightmare. At DEO, we provide compatible and accurate data integration built into each and every markup language we supply.

  • When presented correctly, an image or film can perfectly portray a company’s identity or goal structures. At DEO, we provide image file conversion services in order to ensure any media content required can be smoothly and seamlessly integrated into any website, application, or markup language.

  • Schema or blueprints of database construction are the very crux of successful data management within the workplace. Whether we focus on the creation of relational databases, core data analysis, or cataloging, our team is highly adept at providing any comprehensive data solutions that may be needed.

Partner With Us For Your SGML Conversion Needs

Since the language originated, SGML has been used more and more by businesses hoping to create, manage, store, and deliver information across the organization, and it has been one of the key languages for leveraging information resources and releasing strategic business data. We know how important this is to your company, and we also know how difficult it can be to complete the work yourself.

When you outsource with us, you get a partner that is committed to your security and ready to 'take on projects' both large and small. We have comprehensive NDAs and security procedures in place to ensure the safety of your data, and we have the technical expertise to make sure there is no loss of data and that the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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