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PDF to Excel Conversion of Critical Flight Operations Information with 99.99% Accuracy

The Client - Flight Planning Software Experts

Operating for over a decade, the client is an organization that specializes in creating and providing state of the art flight planning software to pilots and plane companies worldwide.They have not only revolutionized the pilot's flight bag but also laid the groundwork to make mobile flight planning apps essential to flight operations.

Their services include a go-to app to route, plan and file, access and manage electronic charts and maps, and organize flight publications.

Requirements For Converting Flight Information in PDF to Excel

The client approached our team at Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) for outsourcing the PDF to Excel conversion project involving the analysis of data provided by an app. The app was used by commercial pilots to log the data of their flight at different sea levels. For example, readings at 1000 feet, 2000 feet, etc. for an entire flight was captured in the form of graphs which the client wanted to convert into an Excel sheet.

As this information was collected in the form of graphs, we were required to analyze these graphs to extract the required information and refer it back to the client in the form of an excel sheet. We received an average of 300 graphs per day per resource to do the PDF to Excel conversion.

Challenges That the DEO Team Faced

In accepting this project, the main challenges we faced were due to the hand-drawn versions of the graphs we received. This made it difficult for us to align the graphs with the software tools we were using.

To combat this problem, we dissected the graphs into segments instead of trying to align the entire thing at once. This did slow our progress slightly but not enough to truly impact our end goals.

Process for This PDF to Excel Conversion Project

By using years of data analysis experience, our data entry specialists brought their expertise to the table and moved forward methodically to accomplish the high quality outputs expected by the client.

  • We received the flight logs and graphs in PDFs.
  • Our team attended meetings to analyze and discuss each graph with the client for more clarity on the fields to be added in the Excel sheets.
  • We configured our data tools with the graphs as per the axis and other parameters involved in the graphs.
  • Our analysts extracted data from the graphs and manually compared the information with the graphs to establish whether we had pulled the correct information. We then extracted the information from all the other graphs.
  • We implemented two rounds of QC to ensure 99.99% accuracy and delivered the final Excel documents.

99.99% Accuracy Wasn't Easy – But We Achieved It with Determination

By outsourcing this project to us, the client was able to receive comprehensive, in-depth Excel reports containing the exact information they needed. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure this project was completed on time and to the best of our ability. We saved the client costs, while also providing accuracy of 99.9%. Because of this, the client was highly pleased with our outputs and immediately requested for more projects to be handled by us.

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