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Image Data Entry and Tagging

Businesses need easier ways to sort through the massive amounts of images they often use, which is why Image Data Entry and Tagging from Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is so useful. DEO can give companies access to all of their image files, regardless of size, and will allocate appropriate tags for easier identification. Additionally, DEO can convert different file types into more practical formats, as well as create databases tailored to the company's requirements.

DEO's Image Data Entry and Tagging is able to organize a variety of image files from stock images to company owned images so that your business can utilize all its crucial image data without aggravation.


Expert Image Tagging
and Data Entry Services by DEO

Businesses need to keep track of thousands of images, and DEO's image data entry and tagging Services can give them the means of organizing thousands of important image files.

  • Offline and Online Image Storage and Retrieval

    DEO extracts key information like invoice dates, payment due dates, and amounts. Online, this data is available globally for easy access anytime. Offline, the data is installed into local systems and intranet.

  • Annotation and Tagging

    DEO assigns images with specific key tags to better organize images, making the data easier to sort through. We create a clean, structured format for further cataloging and utilization.

  • Image Data Processing

    DEO processes images for clear usage and archiving. We pull vital information from the images, scan and archives images, and insertimage data in an efficient backend format that can be accessed with one click.

  • Scanned Image Data Entry

    Specialized in image data entry, we scan, sort, catalogue, process, and tag invoices, receipts, image files, and other information in a structured way for further processing and management.

  • Database File Creation Using Images

    DEO helps you retrieve specific images or information from amongst countless image files. We index images using a complex system, process or enter data images, and create an efficient image database.

  • Image Keying and Indexing

    DEO combines two images according to certain information or a specific key, then attaches it to an image pixel. We validate the data, import image files, and support multi-image file formats.

  • Image Conversion Services

    DEO converts raw image data, file format conversion, and hard copies into any format. We handle document imaging, PDF to TIFF conversion, and quality rendering, as well as RGB formatting from raw images.

  • Database Creation for Biological Species

    DEO categorizes all biological species (Animals, Birds, Plants, Microbes) and creates a detailed image database for each. We also provide a 360-degree video of the image database which can be used for educational purposes.

  • Catalogue Data Entry

    DEO’s structured process and advanced methodologies assist with image transfer, sorting, indexing, and detailed catalogue data entry of images for any business.

A Closer Look at DEO's Image
Data Entry and Tagging Process

At DEO, we pride ourselves on being pioneers of image data entry and tagging, and have carefully honed a method of sorting, keying, cataloging, and converting image data for use in a specified database.

  • Image Sorting: DEO receives your business's image data, often from a variety of formats, and sifts through the image files and data to prepare the files for organization, formatting, and database storage.

  • Metadata Addition: DEO adds subcategories for easier cataloging and image retrieval with metadata, adding captions, keywords, descriptions, and other identifying characters to help create detailed means of organizing image files.

  • Image Database: DEO then creates a newly formatted database in keeping with your company's needs so that your images are ready for access globally or locally, retrievable with just a few quick clicks.

  • Image Keying and Cataloguing: As certain image data requires merging, DEO is often called upon to combine images for detailed validation and eventual data retrieval. During this stage of the process, we import image files from single or multiple file formats and combine them, then prepare them for additional cataloging.

  • Format Conversion: Our software then converts image files from existing, original formats, to a new format that works seamlessly with your software system and business practices. We create easy to navigate databases that make it simple for you to draw upon your image files at any time.

How Image Data Entry and
Tagging can Benefit Your Business

DEO's Image Data Entry and Tagging Services are the best way to keep track of all of your business's image files for immediate access to client, financial, and various other image based information.

  • Catalogue a Large Number of Images and Data: DEO organizes your images and data into formats and databases that work with your system, removing the hassle from image retrieval. Our Image Data Entry and Tagging Services sort and catalogue your images for easy identification.

  • Work with Any Image Size: Our advanced image data entry and tagging services are adept at handling complex image file sizes, whether small or large. We can convert your existing image data into different, more streamlined size formats, or keep them in their current size; it's entirely up to you!

  • Multiple Image Merging Software: Businesses in every industry are weighed down with numerous images from multiple sources, be it digital, hard copies, or scanned images, and require our excellent Multiple Image Merging services for concise, single format image data. We have the software and knowledgeable team needed to organize multiple format images into formats that you need to keep your company running smoothly.

  • Accessible from Anywhere across the Globe: For the business with global locations, or business that travel frequently, or those who require international access to their image data, DEO's Image data entry and tagging services can create streamlined databases for all of your image data that are accessible from anywhere across the globe.

  • Image Recognition Technology: DEO's cutting edge image data entry and tagging services feature complex Image Recognition Technology that can accurately identify identifying characteristics, colors, features, and more, enabling us to correctly catalog difficult to find image data and information. A popular option for retail businesses, IT industries, and many more!

  • Correctly Identify Image Data: Companies that don't utilize proper image organization suffer from incorrect image recognition and identification issues, resulting in problems with their data usage. Client files, payment forms, and other information can be misused, which is why DEO provides accurate image identification that always processes, indexes, and formats your valuable image data correctly the first time.

  • Image Naming Capabilities: DEO's image data entry services and tagging encompasses specific image naming, something that would be impossible for any company to handle manually in house. Our automated software names all images according to your requirements, and can set either short or long name coding for effortless filing and eventual retrieval.

  • Image Publishing Capabilities: For companies who want to publish or promote images digitally or online, DEO's image data entry and tagging services offer the perfect solution. We carefully annotate and assign key names to all image data to prepare it for eventual publication and online usage. Your image files will improve in ranking on search engines with our SEO enabled Tagging Services.

  • No Loss of Image Quality: Trust DEO's experienced team to handle all of your vital image data without sacrificing quality. Our image data entry and tagging services utilizes only the most modern, advanced technology and software programs so that we can produce only the highest quality, crisp, high definition images for your database. We take your company's needs into consideration when formatting so your images are as perfect as you have come to expect from DEO!

  • Flexible Image Data Solutions: DEO offers affordable, flexible image data solutions for all business genres, we offer online and offline Storage capabilities, multiple image merging, format conversion, scanned image data entry, image archiving, and so much more! We also work with your business to assist you in organizing your images for web usage, in house management, global access, and everything in between. Our Image Data Entry and Tagging staff is prepared for all of your organizing needs, no matter how complex or simple they may be.

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Image Entry, Cataloguing, Sorting, and Tagging for Better Image Management

DEO provides tailored Image Data Entry and Tagging Services to help your business efficiently organize relevant image data. These solutions precisely cater to any specific needs and requirements you have!