DEO Aids World's #1 Skin Research Treatment Firm with Image Annotation and Tagging

The Client - A Globally Recognized Skincare Company

Our client is a recognized healthcare research and solution provider. As a leader in skincare research, with this image annotation and tagging project, the client focuses on improving the quality of people's lives with science-based solutions, healthy living techniques, treatments and is a brand that is widely trusted. Aiming at helping patients in nurturing, nourishing, and maintaining the natural qualities of human skin, our client has always pushed technology, observation, and scientific infrastructure to its limit to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions.

Image Annotation Requirements for this Healthcare Project

Our client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) and supplied numerous images related to dermatological challenges including blackheads, acne, and other skin issues. Every image had to be analyzed and annotated to a high degree of accuracy. Our client's focus on research and development in the dermatological industry required precise, scientific analysis and clear demarcation of various skin issues.

Initially, the project progressed on a trial basis of 100 images, which was completed and handed over to the client. The quality of our outputs convinced our client to hand over the entire project to our team. This required the processing, analyzing, and annotation of 5000 images per month, limited to 3 - 4 full-time equivalent resources.

Subject Matter Understanding Was the Challenge

The project proved challenging in various ways, foremost being the need to accurately analyze the images and identify the specific skin conditions shown therein. Understanding the differentiating factors between the various skin conditions was a challenge in itself.

The limited number of assigned resources to process the sheer bulk of the information was also a challenge while maintaining total clarity and accuracy within the annotations. Our team was able to successfully rise to each of these challenges by drawing on their wealth of experience.

Image Annotation Process Followed by Data Entry Outsourced

In spite of the substantial challenges in this project, our team proceeded to follow our step-wise process, ensuring total clarity and transparency at every step of the way. The images were delivered from the client to our team using Dropbox, allowing the full resolution of the images to be preserved. We utilized high-tech labeling tools to ensure utmost clarity and accuracy and then created bounding boxes to enclose the images. This allowed for clear and accurate annotations that directly adhered to our client's guidelines.

Project Benefits – 60% Cost Saving and 100% Accurate Annotation

Our client received the deliverables on time, every month and was deeply satisfied with the services we provided — specifically, the quality and accuracy of the annotations, and the manner in which they were presented. With DEO's earnest efforts, the client received the information they required, exactly matching their initial requirements. Most importantly, our client was able to make a massive cost saving of 60% from start to finish. Data Entry Outsourced was also able to overcome the sizable challenges and attain yet another repeat client.

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