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Outsource Forms Processing Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) has strategically designed a range of forms processing services that cater to a variety of needs within the business world. The accumulation of information about customers, partners, vendors, and competitors is an integral part of any business. Handling the forms containing this information without proper tools is a herculean task.

DEO offers professional forms processing services that organize informational forms in all kinds of configuration, be it scanned, hard copies, faxed or digital. Our experts extract relevant data and create fully formatted databases that are ready for analysis and retrieved at a moment’s notice.


Avail Diverse Forms Processing Solutions from DEO

We provide a variety of online forms processing services that cover every possible form available today, including the most obscure and difficult. From medical forms to market research forms, DEO is able to process your data correctly!

  • Our expert teams are well-versed in processing lawsuit forms, claims, and similar documentation. We separate the vital information you need from the unnecessary details, and help you develop databases that are customized with your needs in mind.

  • We are highly adept at handling sensitive data securely. We quickly and efficiently capture, catalog, and store your information in the formats you desire, ensuring that you can quickly and easily access your data whenever you need it.

  • At DEO, we help businesses organize subscription- and payment-related data in a way that is neat, efficient, and quick to retrieve. We make sure that no important client information is lost, misplaced, or misused.

  • We are skilled at working with debit and credit application forms that are used by shoppers, third party lenders, banks, coupon deal sites, merchants, and similar organizations. Using the latest technology, we offer a solution for businesses dealing with large numbers of customer requests daily.

  • At DEO we pride ourselves on efficiently processing and organizing questionnaires, surveys, and poll results. We help you to avoid miscalculations, form loss, or inaccurate data interpretation, and take the required steps to ensure that your data is easily accessible when you need it.

  • DEO's product registration and enrolment team understands the criticality and sensitivity of information filled in registration and enrollment forms. We know how valuable these data are for business growth and survival. Processing that information requires experience, use of right technology, men and approach.

  • DEO’s expert web form processing services assist in interpreting encoded web language, ensuring that they can be used without a hitch. Our specialized processing services help you make sure that no user-provided information slips through the cracks.

  • We provide Optical Character Recognition (OCR) form processing services to help you collect digitized data in terms of characters and symbols. We use advanced software to sort, catalog, and store OCR forms in databases that are completely secure.

  • Our tax form processing services cover large batches of income, state, federal, and other types of taxes. Our automated processes help you to assess the relevant data and provide efficient results quickly, resulting in a database that is simplified for easy information retrieval.

DEO's Customizable
Approach to Online Forms Processing

DEO extracts your business's information and organizes it without loss of crucial intel, and processes it according to your specifications, making a simplified database that enables you to utilize data quickly and accurately. Our top-notch forms processing services can considerably simplify your work process in a hassle-free manner.

  • Data Collection: DEO begins forms processing method by creating a customized plan according to a business's or individual's specifications. We then determine how to collect the data in a way that is pertinent to the information you need most. Forms are carefully combed through with our automated processing software using pre-defined templates and manual systems so that there is no chance of error.

  • Data Configuration: The collected information from the provided forms is then configured for the final database. All data is verified for accuracy and cleaned up to further improve all information correctly and free of errors. DEO’s Forms Processing Solution can configure the data for any format that your business requires, whether it's a secure server or a PDF file.

  • Database: The final step in DEO's forms processing method is to create a searchable, streamlined database to house the processed information. Your database will be easily searchable and ready for analysis, cataloguing, or searching.

  • Automated Form Input System: For the next step of our forms processing method, DEO houses different systems for different character recognition methods depending on a business's or individual's project type:

  • OCR: DEO's Optical Character Recognition software is applied to machine print, such as machine encoded text or computer printed information, and can accurately identify symbols, numeric characters, alphabetic characters, currency signs, and much more.

  • OMR: For check mark or mark sense boxes, like those in survey forms or poll forms, DEO uses Optical Mark Reading Software.

  • BCR: DEO's Bar Code Recognition Software is utilized for any forms that feature bar coding information, common for industrial company stock information, automotive industry information, smart phone scanned forms from all types of businesses, or larger business's with high stock or informational quantities.

  • ICR: For hand printed information, commonly accumulated across medical industries, financial companies, or smaller businesses, DEO offers Intelligent Character Recognition Software.

Business Advantages to
Using DEO for Forms Processing

Companies and individuals choosing to outsource their forms to DEO's professional forms processing services will better utilize critical information and manage clientele, customer records, and valuable company statistics

  • Flagged Fields are Checked Manually: Our forms processing services flags low confidence fields within the provided information and queues it for manual verification by one of our operators. This ensures that your company's forms are flawlessly checked for accuracy, resulting in databases that are always free of errors or misinterpreted information.

  • Avoid Manual Errors: For businesses relying on manual forms processing, the possibility of typographical errors, user inaccuracies, lack of speed, and high cost can be a frustrating reality. DEO's automated forms processing eliminates user error entirely, and can produce fast results at minimal cost. Our software can process up to 200 pages per minute, allowing you to have speedy access to form data on tight time frames.

  • Multiple Language Forms: DEO's processing team is capable of scanning and processing forms in any language, and we can create databases in any language you prefer. We can also design different databases for different languages, should your business require multiple databases for different global locations, clients, or partners.

  • Update Forms: DEO can take your current forms and update them to be used in multiple formats and electronic devices. Your existing database can be converted into Word or Excel, or be restructured for use on iOS for Smart Phones and tablets. Your forms can be used by anyone across any system. It is an ideal option for form usage for businesses and their employees, subsidiaries, third parties, and more.

  • Backup Forms and Data: The database DEO creates for all of your business's forms allows you to backup and save all information indefinitely in a secure manner that is impervious to being misplaced, misused, or accessed without authorization. We can design special access codes for your form's database, or for the server you upload it to. There's no limit to the security features we can apply with our Forms Processing Services.

  • Reduce Internal Expenses: DEO can help your company reduce internal spending by processing your forms automatically through our forms and document processing services. Reduce the cost of internal processing by 60-80%, and allot valuable money and cost of labor elsewhere.

  • Process Structured or Unstructured Forms: DEO offers form processing for both structured and unstructured data, enabling us to work with data that is disorganized and incomplete, or data that is already entirely digitized. Additionally, we can extract and process unstructured, text heavy information and create easily structured, formatted data that is easy to read and use.

  • Form Calculation and Analysis: Businesses that choose DEO's Professional Forms Processing Services get more than basic scanning and processing of data. We process your forms and generate well-defined databases based on complex calculations and analysis for unique results that work to your business's advantage.

  • Utilize Various Formats: DEO's Form Processing Services enable us to design your database into a range of formats, such as HTML, CGI, JSP, ASO, or PHP. We can also upload your database to a secure server, or consult with your business to prepare a format that works with your current Operating System.

  • Process Thousands of Images: DEO's automated forms processing can process hundreds of thousands of images for businesses that rely on image based informational forms.

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Forms Processing Services for the Modern Age

DEO's advanced Forms Processing Services are capable of handling unique, personalized, mass quantities, or small batches of forms in a vast range of formats. Call our friendly staff today and discover how we can organize your forms for better data management!