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The World's Top Instrumentation Company Based in Switzerland Utilizes DEO's Data Mining Expertise to Expand Its Prospective Client Database Productively

The Client – Global Market Leader in Instrumentation

The client is a world-leading manufacturer of scientific instruments catering to a set of specialized industries including chemicals, biotechnology, and electrophysiology. Based in Switzerland, the client is considered as an undisputed market leader in the supply of precision instruments worldwide. The client also holds global market share in many other business lines.

Global Market Leader in Instrumentation

The Need – Creating a Database of Decision Makers That Works

  • The client intended to create a large database of target customers, precisely decision-makers in various industries related to the client's business areas
  • This database would help improve the outcomes of the client's marketing efforts and campaigns conducted from time to time
  • Clear specifications were given by the client for the executive search criteria
  • A minimum guarantee was provided by DEO on the number of details that can be sourced everyday
  • The time provided for this project was 45 to 60 days

The Challenges – Finding Contacts in certain Nascent Sectors

The only notable challenge we faced during this project was in gathering sufficient number of records in target industries which are just emerging

The Solution – Not Leaving Any Source Unsearched

Our reliable data mining solution included the following:

  • Mining the social web, particularly the relevant data of top managers from professional networking sites
  • 25 data mining experts including 5 Quality Analysts constituted the project team
  • Outdated data was removed and ensured the entire database was clean and accurate
  • 90% of the required data was provided to the client on MS Excel and 10% on MS Access

Results – A Journey that Still Continues

The following flawless results were achieved:

  • 100% quality and reliability in the database created
  • On-time delivery of the agreed output within the agreed timeframe of 60 days
  • 5 years of sustainable and ongoing business opportunity with this client
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