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Bring Semblance to Your Daily orders, Use Our Best Order process systems

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) has provided time-tested order processing services to its clients for over a decade across the globe. We understand that order processing is one of the most vital business management aspects. This process can be difficult and time-consuming and potentially cause multiple company hold-ups if not handled efficiently. Transactions and order fulfillment can be an efficient experience with the right organizational methods and a team of experts handling your orders every step of the way.

DEO's Order Process Services extends to businesses large and small and includes managing incoming and outgoing sales orders, tracking inventory, monitoring product sales, providing shipping options, and updating the status into your business's systems.


Varied Order Processing Services
to Suit all Business Types

Our reliable team of experts handles a variety of order-processing services for various companies at affordable costs. We offer customized solutions for any of your transactions or sales order needs. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Our easy-to-use databases help you to keep track of your orders quickly and efficiently. By adequately managing your company’s incoming orders, we are able to ensure that you’re always on target.

  • To make sure that your outgoing orders are always in check, we design flawless databases that help you to track all the most important information, including packing, shipment, and delivery.

  • We use only the latest and most effective media to prompt and track orders. This helps you initialize payments and processing, keeping the daily running of your business as smooth as possible.

  • To make sure you stay on top of your orders, we offer advanced order status management services. We are prompt and efficient when it comes to ensuring that all of your order statuses are correct and up to date.

  • Our order processing services are fully comprehensive, covering everything up to date and including the final status. We make sure to complete and close the order process, without leaving any room for mistakes.

DEO's Order Processing Services Method

DEO has a proven and systematic method of handling your Order Processing from start to finish, carefully monitoring all of the details so that your order management is handled quickly, correctly, and expertly

  • Standardized Order Form: The order data entry team at Data Entry Outsourced begins its order processing by working with your business to design a standardized order form and database to manage incoming orders effectively and accurately.

  • Order Confirmation: Keeping customers informed as per the status of their order is vital to company management, and DEO helps you to do so by creating order forms and data fields that detail all relevant info, as well as creating status updates within your current system in real time.

  • Order Distribution: DEO provides the ability to distribute your orders to the accurate addresses, warehouses, customers, or shipping departments by streamlining the process with automated services and updated status information whenever you need it.

  • Transaction Completion: Your Order Process is only completed when the order is fulfilled and the customer has received their items. We sync your databases to ensure that the shipped inventory has been updated within your system and there is no potential for miscounted products.

Proven Benefits with DEO's Order
Processing Service

Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, enjoy repeat sales, and increase profits with DEO's order processing services, which offer great advantages to businesses desiring better management of all aspects of their orders.

  • Improved ROI: Enjoy a better Return on Investment with DEO's services, which provide affordable order processing and a knowledgeable team to assist you with all of your related needs.

  • Update to Automated Processing: Many businesses that are still relying on time consuming, labor intensive manual means of order processing can use DEO's cost effective, automated order processing services for every step of the ordering and transaction process.

  • Keep Track of Inventory: With DEO's order processing services your company can keep careful, itemized track of all inventory, including incoming and outgoing, as well as those already in warehouses or on the premises.

  • Utilize Smart Phone and App Capabilities: DEO's order processing services brings your business into the modern age of Smart Phone and App utilization by employing different online ordering capabilities for your customers so that they can purchase from you on the go, anywhere, anytime.

  • Manage Sales Figures: With smooth Order Processing from DEO your business can manage sales figures easily without fear of erroneous data due to incorrect or mismanaged order fulfillment.

  • Instant Access to Customer Order Information: Your business's sales representatives and customers can have immediate access to all order information with DEO's automated order processing services. Eliminate the need for continual reentry of information related to orders so that your software and warehouses are synced.

  • Fulfill More Customer Orders: Having dependable order processing with DEO's services allows you to provide better customer order management, enabling your business to fulfill and complete more order transactions.

  • Better Control of Data: Avoid confusion between your employees, management, and customers by integrating DEO's into your business. With automated syncing between all areas of the order, and between all departments, customers can track and view the status of their own orders without contacting a customer service rep.

  • Speed Shipment and Delivery Times: With DEO's efficient, reliable order processing your business can speed up shipment and delivery times so that customers receive their orders quickly.

  • Set Up Prepayments and Automated Orders: DEO's order processing services allows your company to set up prepayments and automated ordering for customers who wish to pay in advanced before items are in stock, or if they wish to get frequent, prescheduled shipments weekly or monthly.

  • Maintain Popular Products: Keeping track of the inventory that sells the most often enables your business to stock only the best products for your customers. DEO's order processing services can help your company determine what inventory is best for the growth of your business.

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