Meticulous Data Mining Helped American Event Organizer Zeroing on Potential Customers

The Client – A Highly Popular US Based Music Organization Company

Based in the US, the client is a musical event organization company with several operational centers around the country. Online marketing and coordination are their primary method of matching musicians with venues. Their primary goal is to gather musicians and music lovers under one roof and spread the love for music by organizing performances at popular music events and parties across the US. Due to the highly positive response, this client has received, they are planning to expand into international markets.

Requirements for This Data Mining and Data Entry Project

The client was searching for a data mining service provider to help them plan for events across the country, but they needed to know some hot locations. They approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) for the requirements for this data mining project. The client required information regarding places where music events were being held in the past across the US. The requirements for this data mining project were as follows:

  • Data collection on potential locations for the music events that are hosted at each specific location. The data would be the name, location, address, and contact information satisfying the following conditions:
    • Locations must have at least 15,000 walk-ins per month.
    • The location must host at least three events per month.
    • The client required 10,000 to 15,000 potential venues listed from across the United States.

Challenges Faced by Our Data Mining and Data Entry Team

The sheer volume of data that needed to be collected was definitely the biggest challenge, but DEO had the resources to take on such a large project. Understanding the requirements was another challenge that had to be overcome through communication with the client.

The Process that Ensured the Integrity of Data Being Collected

In order to overcome the challenges in this data mining project, our team formulated a step-by-step process that would ensure we could meet all of the requirements.

  1. We had several calls with the client to go through all of the requirements so that we were sure to fully understand them. Then presented a plan that was later approved.
  2. We assigned two data mining experts to begin working on the project.
  3. This two-person team worked together to compile information from reputable databases and then saved the requested information to a spreadsheet.
  4. We then submitted the data to a stringent quality control process to ensure high data quality.
  5. Our team submitted the information to the client.

Both Sides Benefitted from This Data Mining Project

Data Entry Outsourced exceeded the client’s expectations by providing all of the requested information. Data sent to the client was guaranteed to be high quality, and they could now plan their growth around this valuable data.

  • The client saved a lot of time and money by outsourcing this project to a reputable data mining service. Therefore, allowing their in-house teams to focus on growth-oriented tasks.
  • The client was highly satisfied with our work and has requested another project with our business.

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