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DEO's Exclusive Photo Search

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers flexible Image Search Services that can ensure your business receives accurate image search results based upon your business's stipulations. DEO provides a fast, affordable solution for companies who need Image Search Services that enable them to utilize photos for scientific research, medical or academic research, maintaining an inventory of images, creating reference material, for image cataloging purposes, and more.

We are skilled at conducting thorough searches for large quantities of photos and can find any number of images according to our client's various guidelines. Businesses can rely on DEO's scalable, professional image search services for their entire different image searching needs!


Effective Image
Search Services from DEO

DEO takes a unique approach to image search services by utilizing customized keyword filters and other cutting-edge search criteria to establish only the most relevant image search results.

  • We use customized and targeted keywords along with other search filters and tools to conduct online searches for photos and images.

  • DEO uses unique images and photos provided by the client to conduct reverse image searches in a bid to find images with distinct similarities.

  • DEO offers a range of services including image keying and indexing, image conversion, image data processing, and more.

Image Search Process at DEO

DEO's Image Search Process involves innovative tools and methods to enable our highly skilled Search Executives to find the photos that your business needs, utilizing many search tactics designed to be organizational and productive.

  • 01
    Image Analysis

    We begin the search process with an examination of the different images your business needs to understand your business's requirements better and ensure we are conducting an accurate image search.

  • 02
    Image Locating

    Using advanced techniques and tools that are guided by your criteria, we locate all important photos. We also modify our search strategy to include several filters and keywords depending on the project to ensure we conduct searches in all available parameters.

  • 03
    Image Formatting

    Finally, DEO organizes all of the gathered image data into easily retrievable formats, including organizing images by type, size, titles, or any other categories to make everything streamlined for your business.

Benefits of Utilizing
DEO's Photo Search Professionals

With our expertise in image search services, DEO ensures that clients can benefit from receiving small or bulk quantities of images that adhere to their exact requirements, for a multitude of different business uses.

  • Obtain Relevant Images: DEO can gather much more various, accurate, and relevant images than simple, standard image searching can offer. Our knowledge of keyword usage, filters, and other modifiers ensure we can provide photos and pictures that adhere to your company's precise requirements.

  • Applied Search Filters for High-Quality Images: DEO can further narrow down our image searches and filter them to ensure that your business never has to compromise on image standards, ensuring that we compare similar photos and always choose the best quality option. Your business will receive the highest caliber of models available with our competitively priced Image Search Solutions!

  • Locate any Image with Minimal Information: Our expertise in image searching tools allows us to conduct extensive research when your business's image search criteria are limited. We are still able to accurately locate any compelling images with little prior information from your company.

  • Receive the Images in any Format: DEO's image search services extendsbeyond image searching to include formatting so that your business receives the necessary images in a format that is readily available and user-friendly. We can format in JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, raw image files, etc. so that your images are ready to be utilized.

  • Scalable Image Search Services: Our Image Search Services are entirely scalable, and designed to suit a variety of business types and budgets. Whether your company needs a limited number of images or thousands, DEO is prepared to execute the image searching on time and within budget.

  • Redistribute Your In-House Resources: Image searching can be a lengthy, meticulous process that demands the time and expensive of a business's personnel. Outsourcing this task to DEO's image search services allows your company to redistribute your internal resources towards the most pressing concernsof running and maintaining your business.

  • Customized Image Search Filters: We can further narrow the search filters to include custom classifiers such as objects, text, colors, and other descriptors that aid us in locating the widest range of relevant images possible.

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