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1,000 Shipping Info Data Entry for a Free Lending and Borrowing Platform

The Client – London Based Buying/Selling/Renting Online Marketplace

The client is a free lending and borrowing platform that connects people with the items they need. Currently serving Great Britain and the U.S., the platform provides a convenient way for people to either borrow or lend items. Lenders simply list the item description, their location, and set pricing, and borrowers can send rental requests, arrange a time and place for pickup, and utilize a secure payment system with a lending guarantee. The client has been featured in several notable publications, including Forbes, TechCrunch, The Times, and BBC News.

Online Data Entry Requirements

Online Data Entry Requirements by the Client

Wanting to better manage their shipping and product management solutions, the client needed to upload data for product shipping statuses to a separate portal proprietary to their brand. They wanted to work with a reputable data entry outsourcing service provider who offered competitive prices and experienced technicians.

After discovering Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) online, the client secured our services due to the following:

  • Ability to work on the client’s time zone to ensure that deliverables were met their shipping schedule, which would require DEO’s team to start working in the late afternoon and finish well into the early morning.
  • Willingness to accommodate any last-minute changes in the delivery output volume and ensure the delivery schedule could be effectively scaled.

Challenges Faced by DEO’s Data Entry Operators Team

DEO faced several specific challenges over the course of this shipping management data entry project:

  • The DEO team had to work 7 days a week in odd work shifts to meet the client requirement on their time zone, such as from 2 pm IST to 4 am IST, resulting in a 14-hour workday.
  • The client constantly changed deliverable scheduling, leading to a number of last-minute, time-consuming requests.

Systematic Approach to This Data Entry Project

DEO personalized the approach to this unique shipping status data entry project, incorporating the workarounds addressing the last-minute bottlenecks:

  • DEO assigned one Senior Data Entry Technician to work on this project full-time, with an estimated volume delivery output of 1,000 products per day.
  • The client sent over input in the form of a spreadsheet filled with individual tracking IDs for the products each week, with the expectation that the volume of tracking IDs would vary each time.
  • DEO began by checking for the shipping status of each product from within the client specified web portal to ensure the utmost accuracy.
  • Following this, DEO then uploaded the status of each shipment against its field in the client specified web portal, a task that was overseen by a Quality Control Lead.
  • The information was then updated in their secure web portal.
  • DEO communicated with the client every week with a detailed project status to keep them informed of the progress and aware of the delivery status.
  • DEO continues to be able to maintain and often exceed the agreed-upon 1,000 product entries volume per day.

Additional Value Add

DEO assigned two additional resources to assist in the data entry process whenever was required to help meet the frequent last-minute delivery requests at no cost to the client.

99.9% Data Entry Accuracy in the Form of Project Takeaways

DEO continues to work with the client on this product shipping project on an ongoing basis, with the following key takeaways occurring:

  • The client is pleased to have saved 60% while outsourcing with DEO, which their analysis revealed is over 20% more savings compared to DEO’s closest competitor.
  • The client was able to better streamline their shipments, leading to improved customer service, based on DEO’s 99.9% data entry accuracy rate.
  • DEO is in discussion with the client regarding another full-time project contract that would help them better optimize their product management from a supply and procurement solution perspective.
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