Cyber Intelligence Giant Attains Data Analysis and Website Classification Services

The Client - Cyber Intelligence Experts

The client is a web-based company that specializes in cyber intelligence and the prevention of risks, particularly money laundering and embedded data threats through smart software applications. Their real-time service offers a risk decision within milliseconds to fully support a frictionless signup process in any application necessary.

By gathering extensive risk-management information, their customers can reach conclusive business decisions regarding each of their own merchants, and the most efficient way to move forward.

Requirements for This Data Analysis and Data Entry Project

Our team at Data Entry Outsourced was approached by the client with a project concerning some of the websites they had been working on. We were required to analyze and classify these websites under different categories based on the type of information gathered from each one.

The client needed this done to enhance their insights and capabilities in Transaction Laundering Detection & Prevention; uncovering hidden, suspicious, and fraudulent e-commerce activity that could create financial risks and liabilities. The information needed for this project as well as Google Spreadsheets & VM's were sent to us via email. We trained twelve team members and were given two weeks to complete.

Challenges Faced by Data Entry Outsourced

In taking on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to time-consuming research into some of the websites. They were at times difficult to summarize and categorize, which led to our work pace being reduced while still having to meet the client's daily time goals.

To combat these issues, the team had weekly meetings with the client to understand better the in-depth details related to each assignment. We put our strongest resources into this project to ensure a successful output.

Process Followed by Our Data Entry Team

To ensure that this project was a success, our team worked tirelessly to deliver the desired outcome.

  • A team of 12 members was assigned to the project, along with in-depth training on each assignment which was provided by the client.
  • We endeavored to keep all information and training up to date and correct.
  • We monitored team members' participation to ensure that the training provided was put to good use, and also to see if any additional training was needed.
  • The client assigned us to work with instructions through email or Skype.
  • These work files were received by our operations team who then handed them over to team leaders.
  • These work files were provided on either on Google Spreadsheet, Remote Monitor, or System Software (Client's Dashboard)
  • Finally, going through each task, we created reports with the needed information and sent them back to the client.

Project Benefits

Due to the hands-on approach to this project and the in-depth training provided by the client, our team was able to accomplish each task according to the required specifications. We delivered a high-quality output that gave the client all of the information they needed while also saving them hassles and costs. Because of this, the client was very impressed and requested for more projects to be handled by us in the future.

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