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Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) has developed HTML Conversion Services that helps businesses transform their content into web-ready language. Companies that need substantial amounts of documents and pages converted for readable display online for web browsers and web pages rely on the formatting accuracy and meticulous coding from DEO’s highly skilled, certified data conversion technicians.

Our knowledgeable developers adopt a manual approach to HTML generation, coding standards, and file layering for responsiveness and compatibility. A variety of industries and businesses all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe achieved the best possible outcome from our HTML Conversion services

Get better value, 24/7 support, and the competitive prices synonymous with top in class service when you outsource HTML Conversion Services to DEO.

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HTML Conversion Services That We Offer

We are the experts that many companies turn to when they need an HTML converter. We convert to and from HTML so that your files can easily be read by whatever program that uses them. While most of our projects involve Microsoft Word in HTML conversion services and PDF to HTML conversion, we also convert to and from all types of files, including:

  • At DEO, we are highly adept at converting text files into HTML and vice versa. When converting HTML into plain text, it can be challenging to tackle certain symbols. We make sure that the resulting output is always 100% correct, with no margin for error.

  • To assist you with the best presentations that you can, DEO specializes in converting PowerPoint files into an HTML format. We preserve the integrity of the original file, making sure to avoid changing the layout, font, color, image, or formatting.

  • At DEO, we ensure that information from databases is displayed accurately in HTML format. Our experts are able to quickly and efficiently convert a wide variety of database types into the HTML format you desire, keeping every bit of information intact.

  • Our teams of experts at DEO are extremely skilled in converting XML files into an HTML format, and vice versa. We understand that because XML files are used to share information across the Internet and public networks, accuracy is of the utmost importance.

  • DEO can assist you with the task of converting flash files into an HTML format, ensuring you the quality that your business deserves. As some of the most commonly used files in the process of designing websites, converting flash into HTML is an important task in the modern workplace.

  • Because RTF files are designed to be used across multiple platforms, their flexible nature necessitates attention to detail in the conversion process. DEO’s team of conversion experts is able to efficiently convert RTF to HTML, or the other way around, as and when needed.

  • At DEO, one of our key areas of focus is converting image files (such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF) into HTML. We also concentrate on converting files in an HTML format into the required image format. During the conversion process, your image quality is not compromised.

Benefits of Utilizing HTML Conversion Services from DEO

Companies who use DEO’s HTML Conversion Services for their web presence will obtain superior results from the final markup and a streamlined transition to HTML:

  • Latest Software

    Ensure your critical data is being converted in the correct HTML markup language composition, syntax, tags, and structure thanks to DEO’s standards for data conversion that exceeds our client’s vision.

  • Skilled Web Creators

    With our experienced team, you can receive HTML conversions for text, images, videos, and audio that maintain the consistency and functionality necessary for web pages, websites, and apps.

  • Correct Attribute Application

    Receive HTML files that have been flawlessly converted based on the core attribute types for particular circumstances, such as Optional, Event, Required, and Standard, to ensure complete functionality during online publication.

  • Inclusive Conversion

    Ensure that your internet content distribution strategy doesn’t overlook critical elements during the conversion process, with DEO’s conversion technologies that identify source file and document layouts, headings, tables, structured lists, and more.

  • Specialized Conversion Elements

    DEO incorporates enhancements during the conversion process, such as colors, headers, footers, titles, hyperlinks, bookmarks, metadata, and keywords to fully customize the presentation of valid HTML language.

  • Secure Data Transfer

    Companies can safely transfer their data to DEO for conversion with our multitude of carefully safeguarded, confidential transfer options, including fax, email, or secure FTP.

Data Conversion Services Tailored for Your Business

Whether a business needs text to HTML conversion services or word to HTML conversion, or other custom HTML conversions, DEO is able to meet the demand for precision, speed, and affordability. DEO’s HTML framework doesn’t stop at results; we rigorously test and quality check outcomes for compliance, compatibility, functionality, and accuracy.

Contact DEO to Outsource HTML Conversion and discover why we’ve been a trusted data conversion partner for respected companies all over the world for more than 15 years.

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