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Challenge Taken and Delivered - Zero-error PDF Conversion for Florida-based Educationalist

The Client – Highly Experienced Educationalist Based in Florida

Based in Florida, the client is a respected professor at one of the world's most well-known and prestigious universities. As one that appreciates the accuracy and the preservation of knowledge, the client strives to be a leader in educational excellence, not only in self-improvement but in the improvement of each student as well.

The university itself has 67 facilities throughout Florida, and through impressive grants and the assistance of professors like our client, they strive to tackle difficult problems and provide beneficial solutions wherever possible.

Requirements for the File Conversion Project

The client approached our team at Data Entry Outsourced with a project concerning handwritten research pages needing to be captured and transferred to digital copies. We were also required to transfer any relevant data on these pages onto an organized Excel sheet for future use. The project was to last one month with the use of two full-time resources and 50, 000 lines of data.

Challenges Tackled by Our Data Entry Team

When our team agreed to take on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to the high volume of data needing capturing and the tight period we had to work in. Because of the academic nature of the data, our work also required a high accuracy level.

To contend with these challenges, we assigned our best resources to the project and divided the mass amounts of data lines into weekly targets. We also double checked each excel sheet for any errors before sending our weekly completed lists back to the client.

Adopting a Stepwise Process

To ensure that our team at Data Entry Outsourced handled this project correctly by providing the same passion in which the client teaches, we utilized our years of data capturing the experience and completed each task with a professional touch. We paid extra attention to accuracy and delivering the needed outputs on time.

Our Step-By-Step Process Was as Follows:

  • After the initial meeting with the client to summarize everything that needed to be done, we started on the 1-day trial period using one resource.
  • Upon successful completion, the client sent the research papers to us in the form of PDF documents.
  • We adopted a process of converting 10-15 lines of data into Excel per day and handed these data sheets to our QC for quality checking.
  • Once the weekly quota was completed, we sent the Excel sheet to the client via Dropbox for a final inspection.
  • And finally worked on any changes the client needed.

No Compromise on Quality and Accuracy – The Project Delivered on Time

We were able to assist the client in getting exactly what he needed. Our experience shone through in the manner in which we handled each task. We not only reached the 100% accuracy level the client required but also finished one day ahead of the pre-planned time structure.

The client was immensely pleased with the work we achieved and has requested for similar projects to be handled by us. Moving forward, we look forward to doing more of this work and making more successful outputs happen.

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