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Data Extraction Services at Data Entry Outsourced

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides efficient, expert data extraction services for a variety of business models. Our knowledgeable data extraction technicians are able to sort through a variety of database sources, including images, websites, databases, and documents quickly and accurately, eliminating the hassle from this time-consuming process.

Your business will benefit from our organized and efficient data extraction processes when you outsource your data extraction needs to DEO. Our team of professional, highly trained data specialists uses exclusive data mining technology and techniques at competitive prices, ensuring that your business receives the best possible services for affordable rates.

DEO ensures our clients receive timely, personalized, and affordable Data Extraction Services. To learn more and get a free quote, contact us.


DEO's Exclusive
Expert Data Extraction Services

DEO offers a range of unique data extraction services developed by our accomplished and rigorously trained data specialists. These data extraction services include, but are not limited to:

  • Web data extraction services

    DEO provides extraction for any volume of web data, including web mining and web content mining using automated, coded, rule based processes, and applies extracted data into a custom spreadsheet or database.

  • Document and PDF data extraction services

    DEO’s specialized software can comb through PDFs, Excel sheets, and other document formats, extracting the specific information you need, making required data readily available for use with your business.

  • Database extraction services

    DEO uses specialized scripts that enable our data team to sift through database information, including tables, indexes, and fields, applying metadata or integrating other data as needed prior to storage.

  • DEO extracts pertinent data from Excel, XML, HTML, SQL, PDF, web images, and databases using licensed automated software, ensuring you get carefully filtered, useful data bases on custom client criteria.

Our experts can create a digital crawler that will search through all that information and access the data you need to ultimately create a database that works for you.

Data Extraction Service Process

DEO has developed exclusive tools and technology to facilitate quick and accurate information extraction from any data source, producing organized, easy to manage results.

  • Data Mining: DEO uses this form of data extraction to sort through disheveled information in order to provide useful intelligence for a business, such as consumer intelligence, market and economic trends, competitor analysis, and industry research. Data mining includes website mining, web content mining, database mining, and text data mining.

  • Transformation: After data is extracted and processed, DEO's advanced extraction software converts the original, disorganized data source into a new, functional medium using data mapping and mathematical coding.

  • Data Processing: Once data has been combed through an unstructured informational source, such as document data for example, and configured into a specific pattern, DEO further integrates the data, which may involve adding metadata, tables, indexes, or analytics.

  • Loading: When the extracted data is transformed, DEO loads the new, accurate and organized data into the final format, such a simplified flat file.

DEO's Data Extraction
Service Benefit All Business

Choosing DEO's data extraction services can enable your company to devote valuable time and energy on the more important aspects of business development while you enjoy the successful results our expert data extraction methods provide.

  • Eliminate the Need for Manual Database Searches: Your employees no longer have to devote time and energy to the frustrating task of manual data sorting. DEO uses an automated process to sift through and organize important data from any possible source.

  • No Need to Develop Your Own In-House Software: DEO utilizes state of the art data extraction software, developed and expertly honed by our professional team. This complex software is equipped to handle even the most difficult extraction project, be it web data, images, or PDF.

  • Aligned to meet our Client's Preferences: Whether you are an individual or a large business, DEO adjusts our methods to accommodate your unique preferences, ensuring all results are best suited to your particular needs.

  • The Most Variety of Data Extraction: Over ten years of expertise and experience has enabled DEO to handle the largest variety of data extraction, including web data, database, document and PDF, and images. There is no limit to the data we can organize and manage for you and your business.

  • Data Validation: An important aspect of data extraction involves confirmation of correct data, and DEO's complex extraction methods ensure that the information being extracted from any given domain has the correct and expected values.

  • Multiple Extraction Services: DEO programmers create a digital crawler for specified information, which means that our technicians design a unique data extraction program just for your particular business requirements.

  • Eliminate Business Hassles with Organized Data: DEO's data extraction services create better organized and easily retrievable databases for any business, which means your company can enjoy hassle-free information usage.

  • Copy Scattered Data: DEO is equipped to handle disorganized, messy, and multiple format information. Hence, even if your company's data originates in different locations, our extraction specialists can still produce reliable, integrated and easy to use information.

  • Accurate Data Retrieval: DEO's automated data extraction software can glean information from a limitless range of sources and always provides completely accurate, error-proof results.

  • Gather Specified and Significant Information: When provided with a vast amount information, we can extract the most minute, specific, and significant data from those sources.

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