European Business Coach Seeks Data Mining to Fuel Their Marketing Campaign

TThe Client – A Business Consultant Helping Leaders to Disrupt Their Industry

The client’s global network consists of coaches, experts, leaders, academics, and CEOs. Their primary goal is to help leaders become disruptors of their industries by creating new markets and growing at a rapid pace. They have a lot of diversity in their depth of talent, which is one of their defining factors as a business. It helps them find solutions in just about every market across the world.

The client understands that people are the deciding factor over whether a business is successful or not, so they coach businesses with this philosophy in mind. They teach businesses how to build beneficial partnerships, explore different industries, collaborate, and show them how to grow through their people. Their entire mission is dedicated to helping leaders disrupt industries by doing everything we just mentioned.

Requirements for This Unique Data Mining Project

The client is heavily dependent on LinkedIn to find its clients and to study the various industries their clients are part of. They were in search of data mining services to look through the various data found on LinkedIn through specific industries across the UK. They found Data Entry Outsourced via our website and contacted us to discuss these requirements:

  • The client needed data mining of LinkedIn profiles across the UK.
  • Any profiles that met a certain criterion were to be sent a message.
  • Must have the ability to message 80 people per day.
  • Send a follow-up message 48 hours after acceptance.

This Data Mining Project Presented Some Unique Challenges

After connecting with the client and hearing their requirements, we realized that this project would come with several challenges that had to be met.

  • Sending 80 connects per day would require a lot of data mining since these connects had to meet a certain criterion.
  • We had to target a specific segment on LinkedIn.
  • Ensure that we are not sending messages to their client’s competition.

DEO Created a Step-by-Step Process to Meet the Challenges Presented by This Project

It was clear that we would need to form a plan of action in order to meet the requirements of this project.

  1. We started by discussing the project with the client in detail to define all of the requirements, ensuring that nothing was being left out. Then we formed this plan of action, which the client approved.
  2. We assigned 2 data mining experts and 2 data entry experts to the team to work exclusively on this project.
  3. The data mining experts mined LinkedIn to find the right connections.
  4. The data entry specialists sent the messages to the correct connections provided in the previous step.
  5. We assigned another resource to send follow-up messages to the clients.
  6. Validated contacts were documented in a database that was shared with the client.

Both Sides Benefitted from This Unique Data Mining and Data Entry Project

The client watched their network grow daily and they were able to better promote their products and services. They were so impressed that they recommended our services to another colleague.

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