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Customer Service Data Entry Services Offered by DEO

DEO offers a wide range of customer service data entry services for delivering optimum results to clients

Customer Records Data Entry

We update customer service databases by accurately entering personal information, interactions, and transaction records. Our process emphasizes quality so we ensure that all data is entered accurately and as quickly as possible.

Sales Records Data Entry

DEO’s expert teams enter all sales records flawlessly into the database of your choice, ensuring that all purchase orders, sales logs, and sales contracts are accurate and updated in a timely manner.

Customer Segmentation

Our teams have mastered the process of customer segmentation and can help businesses group customer data into separate categories for easy cross-selling and up-selling. The result is higher sales and more efficient marketing.

Data Quality Check & Verification

DEO specializes in data quality checks and verification. Our processes have been fine-tuned to ensure that all customer information is 100% accurate and complete including names, addresses, and billing information.

Data Anomaly Detection

DEO has developed a comprehensive system for data anomaly detection. We check for transactional errors and flag suspicious entries. Any invalid data containing anomalies can be quickly corrected avoiding undesired results.

Digitization of Physical Records

DEO offers a digitization service for the conversion of physical records into electronic formats like PDF files, spreadsheets, or any format you desire, ensuring that all your customer service records are maintained for eternity.

Why Work with Data Entry Outsourced?

  • Gain access to DEO’s team of experts who have years of experience handling large volumes of data. This allows our professionals to log data at a fraction of the time it would take an in-house team to do, without sacrificing on quality.
  • We have professionals who are specialists in customer service data entry so they are able to work with popular customer service platforms like Zendesk, Jira Service Desk, Zoho Desk, and LiveAgent without any additional training.
  • DEO’s teams are able to develop a seamless process for collecting data from all sources and process it for maintenance on digital platforms. This process also includes quality assurance, which is truly valuable to our clients.
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Flexible Prices

Pricing & Engagement

DEO’s flexible pricing and fully customizable service are guaranteed to work for businesses of all sizes.

Quality Systems

Quality Systems

Our process is designed with a quality-first approach. This enables us to guarantee ISO 27001:2013 standard quality assurance

Project Security

Project Security

All our systems have advanced security software installed. In conjunction with non-disclosure agreements, we guarantee the security of your data.



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