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Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is the leading partner of businesses across the U.S., Canada, and Europe for your customer service data entry needs. Exceptional customer service is intimately tied to maintaining accurate data of customers – which is what we excel at. As an outsourcing partner, we ensure that all your customer service data entry is cost-effectively updated in real-time.

Our customer service data entry specialists are highly experienced and trained in using state-of-the-art data entry tools. This allows them to handle your large volumes of data, and enter your customer data quickly and accurately. We ensure that the data integrity of records is maintained and any data anomalies are immediately detected and flagged.

With customizable and flexible plans businesses can opt to work with us on a budget they are most comfortable with.

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Customer Service

Data Entry Services Offered by DEO

DEO offers a wide range of customer service data entry services for delivering optimum results to clients

Customer Records Data Entry

We update customer service databases by accurately entering personal information, interactions, and transaction records. Our process emphasizes quality so we ensure that all data is entered accurately and as quickly as possible.

Sales Records Data Entry

DEO’s expert teams enter all sales records flawlessly into the database of your choice, ensuring that all purchase orders, sales logs, and sales contracts are accurate and updated in a timely manner.

Customer Segmentation

Our teams have mastered the process of customer segmentation and can help businesses group customer data into separate categories for easy cross-selling and up-selling. The result is higher sales and more efficient marketing.

Data Quality Check & Verification

DEO specializes in data quality checks and verification. Our processes have been fine-tuned to ensure that all customer information is 100% accurate and complete including names, addresses, and billing information.

Data Anomaly Detection

DEO has developed a comprehensive system for data anomaly detection. We check for transactional errors and flag suspicious entries. Any invalid data containing anomalies can be quickly corrected avoiding undesired results..

Digitization of Physical Records

DEO offers a digitization service for the conversion of physical records into electronic formats like PDF files, spreadsheets, or any format you desire, ensuring that all your customer service records are maintained for eternity.

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Customer service data entry is a fundamental part of transitioning to the new digital age and ensuring higher customer satisfaction. Contact DEO today for a free quote for our customer data entry services.