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Data Validation and Data Entry for High-value Statistical Research Project

The Client - A Senior Research Scholar Interested in US Election Stats

Our client was a research scholar based out of the US. The client was doing behavioral research by taking the plot of US elections. During the elections, the political parties receive donations from organizations and individuals for different purposes. The client's research was focused on these donation data to draw inferences. With many elections happening in the US every year, close attention has been paid to the different donors and how they benefit or deprive the numerous candidates involved.

Senior Research Scholar Interested

Requirements for the Data Collation and Data Entry Project

The client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) with a project to collate and validate data on current and past elections in the US and an accurate report on the donation details. For example, we were tasked with finding out how many donors contributed funds, how much was contributed and to which candidates in the elections.

Challenges Faced While Doing Data Validation

We collected the data from the online database provided by the client. However, as there were thousands of records and hundreds of entries with similar names, it was difficult to ascertain the donor and benefactor from just one instance. We had to devise a process to cross-check the information from other reliable sources as well for an accurate report.

Though the entire validation process slowed our data entry process in the beginning, in a couple of weeks, our team was able to create a productive system to meet the timelines as expected.

Process Outline Followed by DEO

Our team handled this project as a straightforward data capturing task. Using four resources and years of experience in data collation, we were able to meet the client's requirements.

The steps we followed:

  • The client provided us with a list of 1500 records to go through and create a list of which company donated in specific years.
  • We worked through these records over two weeks compiling a list of all the donors and the amounts they contributed towards each election.
  • Once this list was completed, we ran a thorough QC and then handed it over to the client for an accuracy check.

More than 60% Cost Saving for the Client

Data Entry Outsourced was able to compile an accurate report for the client, with all of the requested stats included. We saved the client 60% in costs and met all the defined milestones. By doing this, we also benefited from the client's satisfaction, who discussed to partner with us for a few more similar research and data entry projects. Working with this client has been an ongoing agreement, and we are confident that our working relationship will remain strong in times to come.

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