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Data Mining Services

Most businesses employ marketing techniques targeted towards particular audiences, thus making the most significant impact. Data mining, with a specific focus on how it can impact marketing, enables companies to use information extracted from a variety of sources for the purposes of building valuable contact lists.

Email marketing campaigns, proven to be quite effective in this digital era, cannot go forward without an accurate, current, and specific list of contacts. Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers a tailored approach to business marketing with our data mining services. DEO extracts pertinent information from amongst provided sources with our state of the art automated system, presenting your business with only the most applicable material.


Marketing Data Mining Services

DEO's Data Mining Services provides valuable intelligence for businesses looking to build unique contact lists using data acquired from specified databases or websites, such as LinkedIn. We withdraw data from complex sources so that your email marketing campaign reaches its intended audience.

  • LinkedIn Contact List Data Mining

    At DEO, we understand the value of data found on this well-known career building network. We take all the necessary steps to help you create exclusive, error-free contact lists to suit your desired outreach purpose.

  • Contact Information Data Mining

    We can take your run-of-the-mill contact information list and turn it into something more useful. We take the data you provide, and turn it into a more powerful list which contains information including your contact’s address, phone number, gender, age, occupation, and location.

  • Email List Data Mining

    At DEO, we understand the importance of email lists in business. We also understand that businesses benefit from detailed information. Our data mining team can collect detailed information that will help your company in various different ways.

  • Social Media Data Mining

    Social media is a veritable gold mine of useful information; something that too many people forget. We extract data from all the most popular social networks, helping you to develop valuable data lists to help you with your marketing outreach.

  • Twitter Data Mining

    Our Twitter data mining service is extremely valuable to clients who are in the process of developing their marketing strategies. We help you collect customer data as well as detailed information related to customer activities, giving you the details you need to connect with them on their level.

  • Facebook Data Mining

    Facebook is another useful source of targeted customer information. We use customer profiles and contact lists from Facebook, sorting them into lists based on specific relevance factors. These lists can be used to develop targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • B2B Database Creation and List Building

    Our database creation and list building services are unparalleled. We pay extremely close attention when collecting, compiling, and presenting B2B contact lists that can be used to build a validated business network or launch a powerful marketing campaign.

DEO's Online and Marketing Data Mining Process

Eliminate the expense and uncertainty from in-house data mining and look to DEO's affordable, proven techniques. Build company contacts and gather reliable information with our expert Data Mining Methods.

  • Marketing Assessment: Understanding exactly how your distinct business uses information for marketing purposes can help our staff to best determine which data should be mined, ensuring that all extracted intelligence can serve your marketing needs accordingly.

  • Applying Algorithms: DEO's data mining team applies unique algorithms to the source material in order to uncover the correct identifiers within your data.

  • Detecting Anomalies: The data mining software housed in our facility is cutting edge, and adept at uncovering potential anomalies or irregularities that can disrupt the accuracy of the data.

  • Data Cleansing: After the desired data has been extracted from the source material and sifted through for anomalies, our automated software cleanses the data, leaving only the correct and relevant information behind.

  • Classifying Data: DEO's exceptionally trained team organizes the gathered information into useful groups or structures depending upon the needs of our clients.

  • Structuring and Summarizing: Lastly, we insert your finalized information into a format, or multiple formats that suits you. We can provide additional key information per your request, such as a brief or elaborate summary of the data contained therein.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Mining
for Marketing with DEO

DEO's Data Mining for Marketing can provide your business with unlimited information that that can be applied towards a wide range of business decisions, all for the advancement of your unique company.

  • Design Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns: Our rigorous staff carefully gathers intelligence from your specified material so that your company can design targeted email marketing campaigns that speak directly to your intended viewers.

  • Improve Your Brand: Unlock profitable ventures and improve your brand by delving into the information compiled by DEO's data mining for marketing team from among your contact and email lists, and social media.

  • Forecast Sales: DEO's data mining services for marketing can collect information from databases or online sources to pull data that pertains to sales. Your business can save money by applying this intelligence towards product predictions, such as which products will sell, to whom, and which are most popular.

  • Know When to Expand: DEO can extract the right data from your company's sources that can provide business acumen for expansion, for example, based upon the informational discoveries discerned from your contact, customer, and competitor databases.

  • Customer Loyalty Incentives: DEO's services can pull required data from your contact information databases, which will assist your company in learning how to offer potent loyalty programs, cards, and incentives to keep your existing clientele base, and add potential customers.

  • Insight into Your Contacts: DEO's data mining can sift through and collect data from contact lists that can aid your marketing team in discovering how your clientele interacts with other people, purchases, companies, and more.

  • Create and Maintain Merchandise: DEO's personalized data mining services can gather data from your customer database, which can reveal information regarding items your customers want most, how to balance your stock accordingly, and how to optimize your merchandizing.

  • Create Effective Marketing Strategies: DEO's data mining for marketing purposes facilitates your business in attracting customers determined by popular information extracted from different source materials, and allows you to build focused online marketing campaigns and strategies.

  • Build Customer Profiles: Discover more about your business's consumers with DEO's data mining for marketing services, which can aid your team in identifying key customer demographics through extracting information from your company's contact lists and social media. Build deeper connections with your clients by learning from their social media, such as past purchases, favorite websites and interests, whether they own a home or car, are a parent or college student, and more, all which helps future marketing initiatives.

  • Compile Contact Lists for Your Niche: Any business must begin with finding and keeping a clientele base, something that is difficult for many niche fields. DEO's exclusive data mining for marketing services can aid your email marketing endeavors by pulling data from large amounts of information, and offering concise results.

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