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eBook Data Entry Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers eBook Data Entry Services designed to help companies accelerate publication, and better manage reports, guides, files, articles, social media content, and more. Streamline online distribution to customers, partners, and employees, and broaden sales and marketing capabilities with data entry tailored specifically for the e-book domain. With the convenience and appeal of multi-channel formatting options, publishers and companies can also broaden their reach and modernize their information administration.

eBooks are transforming the way audiences access and absorb information, and with an economically priced, efficiency-driven outsourcing model, DEO ensures that our client’s industry-wide eBook data entry application needs are met on time, within budget, and to the highest ISO standards.


DEO’s Range of eBook Data Entry Services

DEO has positioned our service range to include all aspects of the eBook Data Entry lifecycle to ensure final results reflect the professional standards necessary to stand out online across different platforms. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO provides conversion services for magazines, articles, documents, reports, catalogs, and brochures. This includes transforming hardcopies into a digital format ready for online publication or converting existing digital content into publication-ready formats.

  • DEO can prepare user guides, installation guides, technical guides, and service manuals that are executed in online publication ready formats. This includes the entire conceptualization, organization, preparation, and formatting process.

  • DEO’s sophisticated scanners and manual techniques performed by certified data entry specialists can capture data from original documents and convert them to digital format for further processing. ICR and OCR software ensure all special characters or handwritten details are captured and included in the digitization process.

  • DEO offers editing and proofreading to ensure that articles, books, documents, reports, and other written content are accurate, grammatically correct, and reflective of a professional publishing standard. Additional options include creating a unique table of contents, indexes, appendixes, and other supplementary details to help our client’s eBooks stand out.

  • DEO handles all of the data preparation elements to help our client’s ebook arrive at a high quality and favorable final format, including cleansing, enhancement, merging duplicates, and erasing redundancies.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO’s Ebook Data Entry Services

DEO eliminates the complexity and the hassle from eBook Data Entry so that businesses can benefit from excellence in quality, speedy turnaround times, and customized formatting, amongst other advantages:

  • Format Conversion: DEO can convert eBook data into corresponding formats such as PDF, XML, HTML, ePub, MOBI, AZW, AZW3, or TXT so that’s it’s suitable and supportable on all popular devices and platforms.

  • Leading Applications: DEO utilizes leading industry applications to bring further value, top-caliber results, and accuracy to our eBook services, including MS Word, RoboHelp, Framemaker, PageMaker, HTML, Quark, Adobe InDesign, Scrivener, and more.

  • Multilingual Publication: DEO accommodates our international clients with eBook data entry in a variety of languages to ensure that eBook content and context retains integrity and accuracy regardless of the original language.

  • Content Protection: DEO vigorously protects our client’s eBook data with authorized access only protocols, ISO standards, licensed software, and a cutting edge facility with 24/7 surveillance.

  • Custom Layouts: Utilize a personalized eBook layout that incorporates content design elements such as chapter titles, sub-titles, images, page numbers, fonts, screen sizes, dedication and acknowledgment pages, and text sizes, for a professional and beautiful presentation.

  • Mobile Device Formatting: Businesses can receive eBook formatting that’s mobile device friendly and compatible, and meets the layout and configuration requirements for iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Bada, and more, enabling a more expansive audience reach.


100% Accurate eBook Data Entry Adhering to Global Standards

eBook production can be a fast, efficient, scalable, affordable process when working with the eBook Data Entry specialists at DEO. We strive to make every touchpoint of our data entry outsourcing model a professional, enjoyable, easy experience for our esteemed clients. Businesses can better avail themselves of the popularity and convenient nature of eBooks with solutions that are aligned with leading industry practices.

For a free consultation with a capable eBook customer service representative, contact DEO today and find out how your business’s eBook management objectives can be transformed by our eBook Data Entry Services.

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