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DEO's Survey Processing Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) Survey Possessing Services means to help businesses understand and make intuitive decisions based upon the feedback garnered from surveys, a source of enormous aid for any business. Evaluating the accumulated survey results and provides information regarding customers, employees, market trends, finances, and in house performance.

Data Entry Outsourced has developed an adaptable Survey Processing Service that can handle the varied needs of any business. We provide scalable options for printed and email surveys, survey analysis, questionnaire designs, and more. DEO can create neatly organized, accurate databases that can be readily accessed by your business.


DEO's Exceptional Survey
Processing Services

As a leader in progressive Survey Processing, DEO offers a broad range of services that cater to your company's particular goals and needs. Our services include, but are in no way limited to:

  • In order to provide a professional survey and design service, our team at Data Entry Outsourced collaborates with your business to design effective and practical questionnaires, ensuring to include any relevant information and details obtained through personalized project planning sessions.

  • Apart from our customized electronic and automated Survey Services, our team also offers a wide variety of survey options for any of your business needs. These options include professional survey printing, in-house survey presentations, response system assistance and professional emailing.

  • We handle a wide range of distinctive survey distribution projects, such as creating online surveys, preparing telephone interviews, and distribution in other mediums. Our assistance includes project planning and management, as well as professional advice to ensure you aim in the right direction.

  • Our services also extend to completed surveys, which are scanned using leading programs to include advanced features such as Optical Character Recognition, Optical Mark Recognition, and Intelligent Character Recognition to ensure that we capture every possible variation in your source materials.

  • At Data Entry Outsourced, our survey processing services show a highly skilled and professional staff equipped to handle manual data entry for all of your survey needs. All entries are checked for quality control, and completed according to your requirements to establish absolute accuracy.

  • For in-depth and comprehensive survey data analysis, our survey processing solutions can include cross tabulation services, detailed reports or summaries, and other information that can be of value to the statistical aspects of your surveys and the professional outcome of your projects.

DEO's Well Crafted Approach to Survey Processing

Accuracy and timeliness are the products of a carefully crafted approach to Survey Processing, a method that DEO has spent years honing in order to provide your business with the highest quality results.

  • Data Collection: DEO’s advanced and efficient survey processing method begins with collecting data from your business through secure channels for complete privacy. At all times, we adhere to the strictest quality control.

  • Evaluate Survey Questions: Your company’s survey questions will be evaluated for quality to ensure that the results can be obtained with the existing survey data. DEO’s survey processing team will work with your business so that you receive the most targeted answers to your queries.

  • Scanning and Data Entry: Depending on the particulars of your survey, DEO scans the data with our top-of-the-line processing software using OCR, ICR, or OMR. When manual data entry is necessary, our specialized staff handles the work with careful skill in a controlled environment for consistency and precision.

  • Accuracy and Quality Assessment: DEO enacts a thorough check for quality control and accuracy within your files, removing and correcting any possible errors. Our survey processing method is tailored to your exact project specifications, so all accuracy assessments are entirely unique to your business.

  • Database Creation: Our customizable options include formatting, and we can produce your final results in a range of styles and formats that best suit your specific needs. DEO will have your error-free, simplified database ready for your company to utilize for further analysis or other procedures.

  • Survey Analysis: When required, our educated team can provide a full, meticulous analysis and final report of the information contained within your survey. This is a sure asset for businesses that may desire an additional source of insight to their survey data.

Survey Processing Benefits that Suit a
Modern Business World

The advantages to relying upon DEO's survey processing services are limitless, and can be applied to any branch of your business. Gain effective insight from your surveys for both immediate and long term benefits.

  • Acquire Reliable Feedback: DEO's Survey Processing can allow your business to acquire valuable feedback from a diverse audience base, such as esteemed clients, an anonymous public sect, or even medical patients. Reach your unique audience base with the correct questionnaire style for your survey responders.

  • Learn about Market Trends: DEO's cost effective survey processing can support your business in gaining insight into distinct market trends, such as consumer purchases, popular products and services, or various financial directions.

  • Gain Insight Regarding Employee Effectiveness: DEO's Survey Processing encompasses analytics, for clear, detailed insight into your company's employee effectiveness.

  • Precisely Identify Internal Issues: The right survey can be an excellent indicator of internal issues, such as employee dissatisfaction, reduced revenue, or dwindling customer base. DEO's Survey Processing can offer precise results that will help you pinpoint existing or potential issues within your company.

  • Customized Survey Design in Any Medium or Format: Our creative team can help your business design surveys for a diverse range of mediums and formats, such as telephone, online, email, verbal, or paper. Reach a more sizable audience with DEO's personalized survey processing solutions, and allow us to create targeted surveys for your business.

  • Increase Response Rate with Audience Friendly Questionnaire: Ensure that your surveys are answered and returned to you in a timely manner by relying on DEO's trusted survey processing services. As survey participants reply more readily and honestly to questionnaires containing audience-friendly questions, DEO's team can aid you in creating the perfect questionnaires.

  • Create Customer Based Surveys: For consumer based activity such as retail purchases, restaurant patronage, satisfaction levels, or popular areas of spending, look to DEO's survey processing services. We are adept at creating the perfect customer based surveys for your unique consumer base.

  • Statistical Reports from Collected Survey Data: DEO can gather the survey data, digitalize the information within, and produce relevant reports and statistics that can help to greatly aid your business.

  • Evaluate Business Productivity: Determine which areas of your business can be improved upon in order to increase revenue and promote internal growth or potential expansion. DEO's specialized survey processing solutions offers a means of accurately evaluating your surveys for the best possible conclusion.

  • Cross Sectional or Longitudinal Surveys: For businesses that require specialized surveys administered to a specific participant group, DEO offers customizable survey processing solutions in the form of cross sectional and longitudinal survey styles. We can assist your company in creating a one-time use survey design for a single questionnaire, or cross sectional survey. Or for extended analytical purposes, our team can aid you in designing a longitudinal survey that collects information from the same people over a certain period of time.

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