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Document Data Entry Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides Document Data Entry Services for companies who need to organize their documents into an accurate, standardized, uniform, and usable format. Organizations in healthcare, finance, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, law enforcement, or administration, who need a wide range and volume of document data organized and processed can depend on DEO’s expertise. DEO’s data entry operators can assist businesses with performance-enhancing document data entry and management solutions that supports the complete data entry lifecycle, from input and error identification to documented resolutions notes and database preparation.

DEO is intrinsically motivated to meet clients’ needs by leveraging the industry-leading data entry best practices and techniques to offer superior results on time, every project.


DEO’s Range of Document Data Entry Services

DEO’s detail-oriented service range primes client documents for meticulously managed data entry and further processing, including administrative support. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement Reports Data Entry

    DEO offers data entry for a variety of law enforcement forms, including crime reports, suspect depictions, evidence reports, crime scene reports, case descriptions, dispatch reports, incident reports, and evidence analysis reports. Optional image data entry for all accompanying law enforcement reports with visual data, such as crime scene and evidence photos, suspect and arrest photos, composite images, and more.

  • Survey Document Data Entry

    DEO provides data entry for all types of survey documents, including land and property surveys, customer surveys, medical and healthcare surveys, sales and marketing surveys, insurance surveys, quality control surveys, and more. OCR and ICR software are utilized to ensure special characters, handwritten documents, and images are accurately captured and processed along with key data.

  • Program Enrollment Forms Data Entry

    DEO provides specialized data entry for specific program enrollment forms and documents, including healthcare programs, insurance provider programs, Department of Labor programs, patient assistance programs, university programs, and other organizational programs.

  • Product and Warranty Registration Data Entry

    DEO offers data entry designed to capture, process, format, and store product and warranty registration documents. This includes corresponding data such as serial numbers, purchase and installation dates, production information, owner information, manufacturer information, and more.

  • Public Records Data Entry

    DEO features highly organized data entry for public records documents, including arrest and criminal records, birth and death records, bankruptcies and liens, census data, and court records.

  • DEO can create a custom non-relational database that securely organizes and stores information while allowing for easy, fast queries. This includes encoding the document data and preparing standard schemas.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO’s Document Data Entry Services

Businesses can benefit from Document Data Entry solutions that take all aspects of information management into account:

  • Control Principles: DEO ensures that document control principles are captured and practiced, including taxonomy control, master document data management, and integration with new client systems.

  • Top of the Line Software: Benefit from completed documents and custom databases that have been processed through best in industry document data entry and document database software.

  • Compliance Standards: Receive completed documents that meet any of their unique compliance standards in advance, including the production and distribution of data into client portals, systems, or databases.

  • Full Document Management Support: Receive support for Full Document Management across client teams, including uploading, downloading, document registration, review, approval, and processing.

  • Work with Specialists: Work with a Document Control Specialist who maintains and manages the data entry capture, upload, formatting, and storage of all controlled documents, including insurance documents, company policies, Standard Operating Procedure forms, job aids, and government validations.

  • Privacy Protection: DEO maintains the privacy of sensitive client documents, including private health information, payroll rates, government aid data, legal and financial data, and employee benefits, with GDPR established guidelines for client privacy and biometric logins on all data entry software.

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The Trusted Source for Document Data Entry in India

For over a decade, DEO has served as a dependable ally to businesses around the globe by providing top-notch Document Data Entry Services to accommodate a multitude of document management and industry-specific needs. By endorsing a flexible, budget-friendly, speedy, and customer-centered outsourcing service model, we have established a high quality standard that surpasses all anticipations of excellence.

Contact us to outsource Document Data Entry Services and find out how you can improve your business with accurate, well-organized data prepared just as you need it.