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Web Data Scraping

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is your one-stop destination for finding data and web scraping solutions! Our high-value services include everything from web data scraping to crawling and data extraction, so you have the information to form the best business strategy.

Our web data scraping services utilize powerful data scraping tools to extract financial statistics, real estate data, search engine results, and even discover consumer feedback through social media. With affordable pricing and quick turnaround times, DEO’s web scraping data services give your business a competitive edge.

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DEO’s Comprehensive

Web Scraping Service

DEO’s team of data specialists is equipped with the best data scraping tools to provide services that ensure
your business can make sound strategies moving forward. Our web scraping data service includes

  • Enterprise Web Crawling Services

    We have a detailed web page scraping process that pulls vital information from any website. We harvest data and compile it into highly effective visuals that business leaders can use to make critical decisions.

  • Business Directory Data Scraping

    Data scraping tools crawl through business directories to find vital consumer contact information. This extracted data is compiled into easily accessible data that businesses use to achieve their objectives.

  • API Web Scraping

    Our API web scraping team uses sophisticated tools to scrape data from websites and mobile applications for your business. This information can help you reach out to your target audience strategically.

  • News and Social Media Feed Scraping

    Web crawling service extracts valuable data from social media sites, giving your business an inside look into consumer opinions. This data is then compiled into a structured format that business leaders can use to make vital decisions.

  • Pricing Data Scraping

    Monitor competitor pricing strategies with a streamlined website crawling service. This critical data ensures that your business hits the mark regarding pricing.

  • Brand Data Scraping

    Our team of experienced professionals scrapes multiple channels for vital feedback and insights. We use powerful tools to gather information about industry trends and consumer insights, ensuring your brand is at the top of its game.

Web Data Scraping Process

Our process for scraping web data is developed using a results-oriented approach to maximize results.
This four-step process is also highly adaptable, allowing us to customize it to meet your unique data needs.

Web Scraping/Crawling

The first step is the mining of unorganized data from various sources such as social media, corporate websites, and databases.

Data Processing

We structure the raw data by adding tables, indexes, and other analytical tools. The goal is to prepare data for the transformation process.


Our process puts the gathered raw data through a filtering process. Our advanced tools convert this disorganized data into functional information.


The final step involves exporting data in a user-friendly format. DEO’s approach ensures that business leaders have access to the correct information.

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