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Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides exclusive Catalogue Conversion Services that are tailored to make important data more accessible for businesses. With DEO's e-Commerce catalog conversion service, organizations can work with all the valuable catalog information and better manage their e-commerce sites displaying product offerings as intended.

Catalog management assistance from Data Entry Outsourced also allows businesses to effectively grow and promote their brand and products using highly organized digitally enhanced information. DEO's rapid turnaround time, inexpensive pricing models, and best practices have established our Catalog Conversion Services as an essential business solution.

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DEO's Range of

Catalog Conversion Services

Catalog data are converted to and from customized formats that meet unique business requirements and facilitates management of interconnected files. Services include, but are not limited to:

Catalogue Data Entry

We expertly collect any hard copies, files, PDF’s or website details we receive from our clients and process them accurately using specific software and systems. These processing steps can include coding, verifying, validating, and quality checking.

Catalog Processing

We refine catalog data by adding new information or images, or altering existing information like pricing, SKU’s, customer information, and internal data. This is achieved by scrubbing original data and merging duplicate categories in order to provide an enriched and standardized data platform.

Catalog Indexing

Our data experts are highly experienced in working with all forms of data and are well-versed in a number of services including classifying, cross-referencing, and supplementing with text, numeral codes, table creation, and any special characters required.

Catalog Conversion

Our data experts analyze business-related information/data and use these findings to design and build an online digital interface best suited to your needs. We also create new catalogs or convert existing ones and assist with numerical symbol or text needs via sophisticated OCR software.

Catalog Database and Warehousing

Our team formats newly converted catalog data into a specific database or warehouse system that is compatible with any of the company’s existing procedures. These systems can be uniquely modified to suit circumstances and can include any needed images and graphics.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO's

Catalogue Management Solutions

Businesses can receive scalable conversion options for any format, and gain an edge over competitors with thoughtfully presented catalog data, in addition to gaining the following benefits:

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E-Commerce Catalog Conversion Services

Companies need a customized conversion program for their specialized catalog data, and DEO is prepared to augment the conversion process to achieve intelligently designed catalog content. Contact our professional and certified data entry specialists today to learn more about DEO's unique Catalogue Conversion Services.