Catalog Management Helped Furniture Retailer Stepping Forward to the 4IR Age

The Client – Florida Based Furniture Retail Houser

The client is a Florida based, family-owned, furniture retail house founded in 1981. The company has 38 years of experience in the retail industry. Starting with one modest showroom in Ormond Beach, it has grown to own seventeen showrooms throughout the state of Florida over the years.

Apart from their business function, the client supports charity causes, such as funding research at the Moffitt Cancer Center, creating school supply drives for local students, and offers free home-makeovers for families in need.

Requirements for the Inventory Catalogue Management Project

The client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) with a requirement of catalog building and indexing project. The project was to revise the company catalogue and ensure that all of the features of the catalogue were up-to-date. Furthermore, if any additional inventory was included, we were tasked with finding the data for the missing inventory from the manufacturer’s website. Finally, we were asked to provide furniture metadata for their e-commerce website for the search engine visibility.

In order for the project to commence, our team required the client to share information regarding their inventory through a Google Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, the team was added to the client’s project management platform to ease the distribution of information to the different departments, and to understand the distribution of tasks within the company. The desired outcome was a completed spreadsheet with all the information regarding the client’s inventory, which was subsequently shared on the project management platform, where all work-related communication took place.

Challenges Tackled by Our Data Entry Team

Our team had to interact with various departments at the client place during the course of this project. This meant that task allocation, understanding different departmental requirements, and communicating with the different departments, presented a challenge for our team. These issues were resolved through the implementation of a project management platform, which enabled our team to maintain sound communication with the client. We familiarized ourselves with the brief given by the client and adhered to it accordingly.

Process Steps Followed by DEO’s Catalog Data Entry Specialists

  • The client shared their inventory details with our team.
  • We were then tasked with finding the data for the missing inventory from manufacturers’ websites.
  • We referred to numerous online sources for additional information that was required. We updated this information on the spreadsheet provided.
  • The data was then entered into the spreadsheet that was provided and sent back to the client.
  • Miscellaneous e-commerce tasks were then allotted through the project management channels.

60% Cost Saving for the Client Was the Biggest Takeaway

As a result of the work done collaboratively between our team and the client, they were able to save 60% in costs. Our team used their experience to manage the communication between teams of various departments through multiple collaborations. The client has already indicated that they wish to work on further collaborations similar to this project. There is potential for more work with new clients in the same or similar industries.

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