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World's Top University accesses DEO for Converting Century-old Financial Records into MS Excel

The Client: A Globally Admired University

The Client is the Economics Department of a prestigious Ivy League University based in the US. The Client has produced many Nobel Laureates in Economics, and the client's parent body (the University) is often ranked as the world's top university.

World's Top University accesses DEO

Situation: Converting Historical Accounting Records

  • A global powerhouse of research, it is no surprise that a range of ground-breaking research works are supported and nurtured by the client and their professors.
  • One such project was to convert old handwritten accounting records available in jpg format into Excel, to analyze the reporting methods followed during those periods.
  • These financial records were from the 18th century. About 700 of such documents (jpg images) had to be converted into Excel, each with multiple data entry requirements.
  • The client wanted these financial records (present in .jpg format) to be converted into Excel, within a span of 2 weeks.
  • This is the first time that such a research project is being outsourced by the client.

Challenges: Dusting Hundred Years' Old Data

  • Since the documents were over 100 years old, many of their images were in faded state.
  • The numbers weren't clear in some documents; so calculations had to be done to ascertain the unclear or missing numbers, which were then confirmed with the client's research analyst.

The DEO Solution

  • A team of 2 Data Entry Operators monitored by a Quality Analyst followed the client's template and transferred the data into a neat spreadsheet.
  • Given the ripe age of the documents, data was entered manually from the archives.

Results: Client Saves Precious Time for Research!

  • The client was fully satisfied with the 100% accurate data presented by the DEO team.
  • The client was also happy that 8000 records (after conversion) were sent well on time – within 2 weeks as agreed. DEO's swift action has saved the researcher's time and cost.
  • The client has decided to reward the Data Entry Outsourced team with further orders on their next research project of data conversion requirement.
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