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Outsource Directory Services

Directories are most often used by customers that need to create a single access database for users to track or utilize data over your local network. This type of database is often packed with information, and that information is extremely valuable for companies that need to be able to access and customize information at their leisure.

Directory services, however, can be difficult to implement, and even harder to complete on your own. The sheer amount of data that needs to be entered into each of these databases and the knowledge it takes to create this type of directory can be astounding. With the high frequency of users, you need an Internet directory service that allows customers, vendors, employees and/ or business partners the ability to access all the information they need. We offer the business directory services necessary to get this done, with easily accessible and scalable directory creation that creates a secure foundation for ID management, authorization, and identification.


What Our Directory Services Include

Before we start the process, we prepare the manual directory submission service to your specifications, and find out the identification and definitions you want to use as the key elements of this directory system. A team headed by a trained and dedicated project manager then coordinates the development and implementation of the directory system, and acts as the liaison between the customer and development staff. From there, our staff:

  • Designs and implements the directory processes and related systems.
  • Enters any data needed to get the process started.
  • Receives quality control checks from trained experts.
  • Gets checked for security, responsiveness, flexibility and accuracy.
  • Puts the system live.

We also work with our customers on any changes they need as the project moves forward, and optionally implement a directory services restore mode if necessary. All in all, we are there to meet any of your directory development needs.

Why Outsource Your
Directory Service Requirements To Us?

We offer some of the most diverse and flexible directory services available, and can work with nearly any sized budget. We understand multiple types of directory systems, including the standards set forth by the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Novell Directory Service (NDS), and the Microsoft Active Directory. We also have a strict confidentiality code that is legally enforceable, and all of your information will be accessible by authorized staff only.

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