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Clean and Comprehensive Data Enrichment for Canadian Marketing Automation Firm

The Client – Marketing Automation Service Provider

Based in Canada, the client is a Market Automation Service Provider who focuses on assisting companies in safeguarding the data assets that drive business outcomes. Their services extend to backing up data that lives in the cloud, particularly on apps such as BigCommerce, Quickbooks Online, and Shopify. Using proprietary processes and top in line technologies, the client has gained a reputation as being a trusted data management and data security company.

 Marketing Automation Service

Project Requirements for Data Validation and Enrichment

The client needed to maintain a current status and high accuracy level on all of their data within their massive database. They wanted to outsource to a highly reputable data entry company whose expertise could bring new levels of efficiency to their data management processes with data validation, data enhancement, data enrichment, and data augmentation.

After performing an online search, the client found Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) and procured our services due to the following:

  • Ability to provide dedicated resources with at least ten years of data validation and database management experience.
  • Capabilities to commit to over 40,000 unique contracts with the client during a one-month period.
  • Provision of substantial NDA clauses, combined with GDPR protocols, to help protect the sensitive nature of the client’s work.

Complicated Process Flow Appeared to be the Initial Challenge

DEO had to handle a few challenges while working on this data validation and enrichment project for the Market Automation sector:

  • DEO’s resources had to scan through multiple sources in a variety of formats.
  • All of the emails had to be verified for accuracy via multiple paid tools, which was both labor intensive and time consuming.
  • It was difficult to find the missing information because email IDs aren’t valid once the employee leaves the organization. This required DEO to procure contact details from their new company website and social media handles.

Data Validation and Data Entry Process Steps Followed by Our Team

DEO implemented a custom step-by-step approach to this high-profile data validation and enrichment project:

  • The client delivered information of the various companies via a spreadsheet.
  • DEO assembled three dedicated resources to work on the assignment, and the client created a shared Google spreadsheet for the project.
  • DEO began by validating all of the data to ensure it was up to data and accurate.
  • In the instance where an employee had moved on from a company, the DEO team discovered which company he or she had moved to and compiled contact details, demographics, and any other missing information.
  • The information was then enriched with metadata, and redundant information was either merged or eliminated.
  • This process had to be prioritized in a specific order starting with evaluating the main company, and then looking at social media handles and professional networking sites to source the necessary information.
  • All of the details were then updated in the spreadsheet, with new fields and categories created to establish easy searchability and retrieval.
  • A Quality Control lead checked all completed information within the spreadsheet before updating the client about the finished and updated data.

70% Cost Saving on Completing 4000 Contracts in a Month for the Client

DEO finished this demanding data validation and enrichment project to the satisfaction of the client, with the following key takeaways:

  • DEO was able to successfully complete the 40,000 contracts in the one-month time frame, which allowed the client to stay on track with their deadlines and client commitments.
  • The client benefited from 70% cost savings while outsourcing with DEO.
  • DEO was promptly offered another high-volume contract with the client for a data processing assignment and is pleased to work with a satisfied and valued client.
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