Data Entry Clerks and Operators at Data Entry Outsourced

Data entry is the unsung hero of the data management world and is unequivocally one of the single most important tasks in data management, allowing companies to align their data with larger business objectives.

According to the Harvard Business Review, "clean data construction is the way forward, and to ignore the need is to sacrifice your competitive edge. A strong backbone is the key to riding the growing data wave to prosperity." This starts with data entry.

The need for skilled data entry clerks is increasing along with the growth in data production, causing global businesses to rely on trusted outsourcing agencies like Data Entry Outsourced (DEO). Our carefully selected team of certified data entry operators assist in validating, structuring, and entering data into an easily accessible format.

Data Entry Clerk Skill Sets at Data Entry Outsourced

Data entry clerk job descriptions are comprised of numerous skillsets that integrate manual human data entry procedures with automated digital technologies:

  • Computer and Software Knowledge: Hands-on experience in data entry, conversion, and processing software programs, spreadsheets, databases, and record management programs, such as CMS, MS Office, SQL, and NoSQL.
  • Knowledge of Data Entry Techniques: Our data entry operators are well versed in accessing files, scanning documents, storing data in database spreadsheets, inputting text and numerical information, and applying the right data entry techniques for overall data accuracy, which in turn affects decision making, analytics, record keeping abilities, and customer management.
  • Technical Skills: Aside from swift typing skills (50 WPM), DEO's data entry clerks conduct research to augment or correct missing and incompatible data, extracting key information, proofreading, and possessing proficiency in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This increases precision across data entry processes, particularly for complex and technical projects that require coding or statistical manipulation.
  • Business and IT Comprehension: Awareness of basic business functions and general IT operational practices are one of the strengths of our data entry clerks as this helps them understand project requirements about the specific business purpose, communicate with clients, and utilize specialized equipment and software.
  • Administrative Acumen: DEO's team of data entry clerks undergo corporate awareness training and management programs periodically and is highly skilled in record keeping, information compilation, source data preparation, and handling customer accounts.
  • Report Generation and Dissemination: Preparing reports is a helpful aid for businesses who want a succinct and clear account of their project to communicate across departments, or with partners, employees, and clients. Data entry clerk skills should extend to generating reports that clearly summarize data entry management projects in a meaningful and easily interpretable format.
  • Communication: Being responsive to client queries is a core skill of our data entry team who value project requirements and maintain transparency in communication. Our multilingual data entry operators help to remove language barriers, promote more intuitive data entry, and proactive communication.

Quality Processes and Data Privacy

DEO's experienced data entry clerks participate in monthly training courses to stay current with the latest industry practices and are educated in global data protection standards, following legally enforced data privacy regulations and compliance across industries.

  • Industrial: Incorporate data generated in manufacturing and production across the value chain, track diagnostics, facilitate plant-wide access to data, and maintain stock and equipment records.
  • e-Commerce: Authenticates customer and supplier information, centralizes data across locations, enables merchants to provide better customer service, maintains inventory and stock records, and lets eCommerce businesses track expenses, customer activities, and promotes analytics enrichment.
  • Science and Research: Aids in clinical studies and research, supports observational and interventional data collection, accelerates data capture, allows data to be leveraged more quickly, and sustains accuracy in records and file keeping.
  • Financial and Insurance: Data cleansing, data and business process integration, client onboarding, asset management, and audit management are just a few of the data management tasks required to maintain regulation and compliance in the financial and insurance sectors. Data entry keeps intake production processes smooth, accurate, and secure, strengthens internal workflow, consolidates data, and maintains accounting and reporting procedures.

No Gimmicks, Just Quality Data Entry

Entrusting data entry to unskilled practitioners or attempting to handle data entry tasks internally can be costly and filled with challenges, not the least of which are errors, redundancies, and incomplete entries. Data entry Outsourced understands these all! DEO's straightforward, flexible pricing and innovative approach to each project contributes to a service model that revolves around our clients' unique needs, whether it's full data management solutions or a per project data entry services. Contact DEO today to explore our engagement model and get a customized quotation.

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