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DEO's ePub Conversion Services

The ePublishing Industry is a thriving and integral aspect of today's modern business world, with eReader devices quickly replacing old fashioned hard copy formats. Data Entry Outsourced has over ten years of experience with ePub Conversion Services, exacting a method of content conversion to suit a limitless range of customer specifications.

DEO's state of the art ePub Conversion Services can provide customizable results that allow any business or individual the means of readying their work for electronic usage, be it on Kindle, tablets, smart phones, or online libraries.

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Customized ePub Conversion Services

DEO can prepare data for electronic formatting, publishing, and future readership capability on a range of handheld and electronic devices with our vast range of ePub Conversion Services. These include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO's ePub Conversion services eradicate the time consuming process of manually merging and linking table of contents to corresponding placement within a book by tagging and linking the appropriate content for a seamless and accurate read. We also offer re-pagination and re-formatting to clean up and fix existing errors that prevents accurate page number layouts or correct headers and footers.

  • DEO's ePub Conversion capabilities enable us to accept all types of source formats for conversion to digital formatting. Whether it's PDF, InDesign, MS Word, Quark, PageMaker Image, Print/Hard Copies, Scanned Copies, Manuscript, HTML, XHTML, or Text, DEO can convert it into an electronic format that best suits your unique requirements.

  • For publishing houses, libraries, or authors ready to upgrade to an electronic format for eBooks, DEO's ePub Conversion services can help you achieve your goals. We offer conversion for fixed layout and read aloud, ePub 2.0.1 and 3.0, Mobi, PRC, KF8, and Kindle to ensure that your work reaches the maximum audience base.

  • Utilize DEO's advanced ePub Conversion technology and upgrade your original files and formats to more user-friendly and reader-ready structures. We convert OeB to EPUB, EPUB 2.0.1 to EPUB 3.0, HTML 4 to HTML 5, and much more!

DEO's In House
ePub Conversion Process

Don't trouble yourself with the hassle and quality struggles of do-it-yourself methods or inexpert ePub Conversion when the knowledgeable team at DEO is prepared to handle the job using an effective conversion process.

ePub Conversion Process
  • Format Assessment: The trained staff at DEO first provides in depth consultation and review with each client to determine which format will provide the most successful potential for all of their desired ePub needs. DEO can help you decide how our comprehensive conversion services can best suit your requirements, whether it's focused on proofing, page number fixes, or upgrading to a more advanced electronic structure.

  • ePub Conversion: DEO takes a business's original data format, such as HTML, and converts it to a more suitable electronic publication format, such as HTML 5, or EPUB 3.0. It can feature audio, visual, or text.

  • Container: Finally, DEO provides the client with a final, covered format that is ready for ePublication. This contains at least one or more of the following: content document, one navigation document, style sheet, media overlay document, and fixed layout document.

We Acknowledge the following Input Files

We accept all types of input formats for processing into digital formats. Here is the list of formats we accept:

  • PDF
  • MS Word
  • PageMaker Image
  • Scanned copies
  • InDesign
  • Quark
  • Print / hard copies
  • Manuscript
  • Text and more…


Our technical strength is our biggest asset that has positioned us second to none. We consistently upgrade our conversion tools, and skills to be prepared for new challenges. Moreover, the workforce is focused on real-time deployment of trainings for new technological adoptions. At DEO India, in-house technical strengths are not limited to:

  • Calibre
  • Open Office
  • HTML Editor
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Epub Packer
  • Ms Office
  • Sigil
  • Epub Reader
  • OCR Tools
  • Online Validators

DEO's ePub Conversion
Benefits for Businesses and Individuals

DEO's ePub Conversion services encompass a broad range of helpful possibilities for any business or individual looking to benefit from advanced digital conversion capabilities.

  • Access Data from Multiple Handheld Devices: DEO's ePub Conversion services enable formatting for access across multiple handheld devices such as Kindle, iPad, Nook, smart Phones, and Kobo.

  • Convert Content into Electronic Means: Whether it's hard copy data, paper files, or any other original source material, DEO's ePub Conversion technology provides a seamless transition into any desired electronic format.

  • Accurate Results: DEO's ePub Conversion Services have a 99.98% accuracy level to ensure that your electronic formatting results are top of the line, error-free, and ready for your eReader audience base.

  • Large Range of Technological Specifications: In order to further accommodate our client's unique and diverse range of requirements, DEO's ePub Conversion Services encompass any and all electronic or technical needs, be it iPads, Kindles, Smart Phones, Apps, or University databases.

  • Frequently Updated Conversion Tools: 'At DEO' we know that our customers must keep up with modern technological demands. This is why we employ consistent system upgrades and methods to ensure that our ePub Conversion services are ready for the latest technological adoptions and help prepare our team and our clients for new challenges.

  • Front to Back Formatting Conversion: Front and back cover text and illustration, or graphics, table of contents, index, inner content; all can be converted and prepared for electronic publication with DEO's vast range of ePub Conversion services.

  • Complete eBook Conversion Services: DEO's meticulous ePub Conversion process includes a full and complete eBook conversion service, including image and illustration proofing, page number formatting, header/footer details, tagging and linking content, and more.

  • Image and Illustration Proofing and Formatting: DEO can take any original illustrative or graphic format, be it hard copy, Photoshop, or document file, and covert the images for ePublication on any platform, including multiple platforms and eReadership devices, an exclusive and customized service unique to DEO.

  • Best Available Conversion Technology: DEO is proud to offer the best possible technology available today, which allows us expertly manage Calibre, MS Office, Open Office, Sigil, HTML Editor, EPub Reader, Adobe InDesign, OCR Tools, EPub Packer, and Online Validators for the best, quickest, and most accurate ePub Conversion results.

  • Training for New Technologies: With an ePub Conversion staff of over 100 experienced technicians, DEO continues to prepare for new electronic readership capabilities by providing training for new conversion technologies to ensure that our agency is always the top choice for all ePublishing needs.

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