Real Estate Firm Saved 40% on Outsourcing Cost by Approaching DEO for Geo-tagging Project

Our Client – UK Based Real Estate Firm

Established in 2007, the client is a real estate firm based in the UK who utilizes a search engine to provide customers with a means to connect to property information online to streamline the property buying process. Featuring search terminology that encompasses home sizes, room proportions, garden layouts, and more, customers can easily match their home requirements.

Geo-tagging Requirements

The client required geo-tagging for thousands of properties to enhance and augment the property searching experience. They wanted a reliable, long-term outsourcing partner who could manage a continuously growing geo-tagging property list that would include 2,000 initial images and scale up to over 6,000.

Learning of Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) online, and our reputation as a leader in providing efficient, accurate geo-tagging solutions, the client reached out for a preliminary consultation and chose to contract DEO's services due to the following:

  • Ability to devote resources towards the production of at least 100 images per day without sacrificing quality or accuracy.
  • Capable of providing scalable service models to accommodate a growing amount of geo-tagging needs.
  • Ability to provide a flexible pricing model to suit both the client's budget and the increasing amount of services required.

Challenges Faced by DEO

The DEO team faced a few key challenges while working on this real estate based geo-tagging project:

  • Approximately 30% of the client provided input had some problems, causing challenges related to locating the property on the map, and correctly marking the roof.
  • The property input contained insufficient data for tagging, which the DEO team had to compensate for by procuring additional supplemental data.

Customized Approach for This Property Geo-tagging Project

The DEO team adopted an intelligent, customized approach to this large-scale project to ensure that the geotagging process could be performed with total accuracy and efficiency:

  • Following a consultation with the client, DEO prepared a plan to manage all requirements for geo-tagging over 2,000 images effectively.
  • An experienced team of 4 dedicated resources was assigned to handle the project and keep the client updated as to the ongoing status.
  • The DEO team started by answering questions in the client's web portal, including:
    • What is the property type?
    • How many photographs of the property is needed?
    • Back or front photographs of the property?
    • Is there a Google street view already available?
    • Does the property have a floorplan?
  • Following this, the DEO team began marking the property on the map, making sure the tagging was error-free.
  • The roof was then measured for better positioning on the map, and to facilitate the geotagging for more accurate identification.
  • DEO had to carefully determine which roofs faced the highway, and which faced a different property line.
  • The team completed an average of 100 images a day, taking approximately 5 minutes to complete each image.
  • The image sets were delivered to the client via their requested portal at the end of each day.
  • Initially, 2,000 images were completed, and this number moved to 6,000 total images at the end of the project timeline.

Software Utilized in the Project:

  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

40% Saving for the Client

DEO was pleased to execute this long-term geo-tagging assignment with careful adherence to industry quality standards, as well as delivering the following results:

  • The client saved 40% by outsourcing this time-intensive geo-tagging project to DEO and was very satisfied with the competitive pricing options that helped streamline the assignment as it scaled.
  • Impressed with the consistency demonstrated by the DEO team, the client secured DEO's services for another ongoing data entry project.
  • DEO secured another mutually beneficial partnership with a valued client and was glad to showcase our geo-tagging skills on a unique project.
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