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Offline Data Entry Services from DEO

Data Entry Outsourced offers a complete set of both online data entry and offline data management solutions that feature economical pricing and accurate labor estimates when you outsource data entry needs to DEO.

Data Entry Outsourced provides an impressive array of what you should be looking for in a data management partner. DEO has 12 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, corporate executives and small business owners throughout the world. We operate remotely in a highly secured virtual private network (VPN) facility as well. Data Entry Outsourced offers immediate access to skilled offline data entry operators — without the need for hiring a single employee.

We are a global leader in the outsourcing industry. DEO's risk-free trial displays our utmost confidence in providing timely, high-quality and cost-effective service to both big and small companies.


Offline Data Entry Services Offered by DEO

DataEntryOutsourced is well-known as one of the most capable offline data entry companies in the international business environment. Here are the primary offline data entry services available through DEO:

  • DEO audits employee records, inputs payroll data, prepares data for Paychex accounts, implements security to prevent data theft, and assists in clerical tasks to reduce the need for new hires.

  • DEO combines data from multiple databases, verifies account and customer data, eliminates data duplication, purges files, and resolves discrepancies.

  • DEO updates your databases to ensure accuracy, merges data from one database to another, and create new databases from legacy data sources.

  • We update the pricing details and product descriptions on whatever time frame your company requires, re-validating obsolete catalog information.

  • DEO translates important data into any language, allowing businesses to reach larger customer base and compete in the global market with multiple language options.

  • DEO assists insurance companies with the conversion of large volumes of paper-based insurance claim data into database-friendly digital formats.

DEO's Offline Data Entry Operators and Offline Data Entry Clerks

A primary benefit for outsourcing your data management tasks is to help you deal with "spikes" in your work volume. Instead of hiring more part-time or full-time employees (or leaving some important work undone), let our trained staff help you. Each DEO offline data entry operator and offline data entry clerk has a minimum of three years' experience and is managed by a dedicated team leader — customer service is available 24/6 and the clock for data entry specialists operates 24/7. You can engage our data entry team on hourly basis, on task basis, or as FTEs.


DEO's Data Security and Infrastructure

Data Entry Outsourced has undertaken unprecedented security measures to protect your data at all times. In addition to constant monitoring, security surveillance, and administrative auditing, DEO disables hardware resources such as external flash drives and ensures anti-malware firewalls protecting our network of workstations. To guard against unexpected events, each workstation is protected by periodic backup.

DEO Quality and Guarantee

Your data deserves the best and we guarantee that our data entry operations will constantly be of the highest quality — that is why we can offer you a free trial that enables you to test our results and quality.

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Put Your Data to Work 24/7

In a "big data" world, what could be more important than managing your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Data Entry Outsourced can make this happen — and due to time zone differences; we will often complete projects overnight. Contact our team today and get started!