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Exclusive Data Enrichment Services

Data enrichment services offered by DEO create an asset for any business that faces with excess data, loose files, disorganized information, or multiple data formats. Rethinking how data is organized within your company’s structure can propel your success rate forward, which is why Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers complete and targeted data enrichment services.

DEO consolidates, standardizes, and restructures databases so that all remaining information can be quickly accessed for in depth analysis, and smooth information retrieval. Businesses can better utilize company information with DEO’s clean, organized restructuring of faulty, inadequate, or under-maintained data.


DEO's Targeted Data Enrichment Services

Our Data Enrichment Services are crafted by experts who understand that companies run better when they can use information properly, thus we have created an exclusive range of services that better organizes data for a variety of uses.

  • DEO can add product characteristics, manufacturer specifications, labels, informational fields, and other data to catalogues and data forms.

  • DEO’s Data Enrichment Services remove duplicate and incorrect or invalid data so that information is current, correct, and ready for use.

  • Another important aspect of data management is Data Classification, part of DEO's extensive enrichment services. We categorize data into distinct and specified criteria depending on a company's needs, such as type, name, owner, location, and more for further customization.

  • DEO's Data Enrichment software can identify, tag, and review records for further analysis and easy retrieval.

  • DEO's efficient range of Data Enrichment Services also offers data clean up in the form of altering or removing incorrect, invalid, inauthentic, or outdated data.

Complete and
Meticulous Data Enrichment Process

DEO has fine-tuned our approach to Data Enrichment, with emphasis on creating a customized final database that works in sync with how a company approaches their business. Our meticulous Data Enrichment Methods are as follows:

  • Data Auditing: DEO's technicians first begin the Data Enrichment Process by collecting all existing raw data, regardless of the original source, and combing through the different formats. We then use a complex system of statistical equations to find common factors within the information.

  • Restructuring: DEO's exacting Restructuring Process further enriches data by revising it to include the array, the files, the records, the fields, and any other information needed for a new, targeted data structure.

  • Post-Processing and Final Formulation: DEO runs a series of in depth and targeted scans across the final data we have organized to ensure that the restructured information is entirely accurate, and there is no chance for error. Then, we insert this rechecked, correct information into a final database in the format that is best suited to your company's specific needs.

  • Data Cleansing: In order to achieve a successful final result, DEO's data enrichment process includes data cleansing, which automatically filters the data to ensure consistency and to validate existing finds.

  • Data Accumulation: All of the valuable information that has been gleaned from the auditing process is then removed from amongst the excess or inaccurate data. DEO accumulates the crucial data that a company requires and prepares it for the Restructuring Process.

Successful Business Results
with DEO's Data Enrichment Services

With our team of data cleansing experts, DEO can jumpstart a company's rate of success by helping to provide them with organized, sleek databases containing only the most relevant information.

  • Results are Always Double Checked: DEO provides results that are free of errors so your company won't undergo expensive mishaps with our Data Enrichment Services that include double checking our findings once completed.

  • Updated Client Information: Don't lose valued customers to incorrect or old informational sources. DEO ensures that your data is up to date and consistent so that you always have to correct client data.

  • Accurate Investment Information: False conclusions and misdirected investments as a result of incomplete or inaccurate data can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. DEO's data enrichment service cleans up your company's files so that the correct and vital monetary and portfolio information is ready for retrieval.

  • Cross Field Validation: DEO uses data enrichment to verify separate informational fields across all of a business’s databases so that sums, measuring systems, value rates, and more, are all working on the same numerical, alphabetic, or symbolic format.

  • Valuable Marketing Resource: Businesses can turn their information into marketing resources for critical insights to target prospects. DEO helps companies achieve this marketing insight by creating an organized database for analysis and easy perusal.

  • Targeted Company Improvement: Focus company resources only where needed with DEO’s data enrichment services, which define characteristics that showcase exactly which areas a business needs to improve.

  • Crucial Data Comparison: DEO’s Data enrichment services can compare incoming data, no matter the format, with existing data, a long term means of helping businesses continue to manage their data and best utilize and apply company information.

  • Edit Incorrect Company Data: DEO’s skilled technicians clean up your files, databases, and information to ensure that any existing incorrect data is deleted, and validate the remaining data for future usage.

  • Add Missing Values: Using a complex system of restructuring and cataloging, DEO’s Data enrichment team fills subject fields, and inputs missing monetary, symbolic, or numerical values to help your business streamline their data.

  • Identify Valuable Terms: DEO’s data enrichment processes are developed to thoroughly identify terms that are valuable and relevant using key identifiers and select the best possible information for strategic business utility.

  • Semi-Structured Data Sets: Our analytic tools make sense of any collected data by creating semi-structured data sets. Businesses have endless means of studying and analyzing their information with DEO's Data Enrichment Services!

Outsource Data Enrichement Services

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