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Outsource Translingual Data Entry

Since 2002, DEO has worked with international clients that regularly require the ability to communicate in several languages. We have the established expertise to handle sophisticated trans-lingual data entry tasks with variety of pricing options for multi-lingual data entry services. Most importantly, we are the "best" at what we do and are not limited to one or two basic languages for database services.

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Our Trans-lingual / Multi-lingual Data Entry Services

Your business will be better-positioned to survive and thrive in a competitive economic environment if you are able to master four different requirements involving your data. The tricky part is likely to involve working with data in different foreign languages. We can help you with all four business data management needs — both with and without translingual translations:

  • As data entry becomes increasingly complicated, DEO experts are already trained in specialized tasks ranging from online and offline data entry to database development and migration.

  • DEO will give your company an edge against your competition by performing data-intensive collection activities: foreign language web data mining or English website data mining and translating to your language.

  • We have mastered the skills needed for the growing list of data processing needs such as credit card transactions, form building, surveys, images, orders and data cleansing.

  • Capturing data is often an elusive task, but we make it possible for your company to find and gather data from sources such as documents, PDF files and complicated databases — often in several different languages — without hiring a single new employee.

The Benefits of Working with DataEntryOutsourced

Outsourcing your data entry needs can be cost-effective in a number of key ways. When you decide to outsource trans-lingual data entry to DEO, you will accrue several significant benefits:

  • Experienced and Trained Workforce: The DataEntryOutsourced team has in-house expertise in multiple foreign languages. There is no need for you to hire more employees with language skills.
  • Adherence to Turnaround Time: "Time is money" and DEO will never keep your data waiting or miss a deadline. We always keep our eyes on the clock so that you can put our data results to work quickly.
  • Flexible Pricing Options: DataEntryOutsourced firmly believes in maximum flexibility when arranging how you want to pay us. We can arrange hourly, fixed-fee and FTE pricing options.
  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing trans-lingual data entry services to DEO will probably save you more money than you think. Prepare to be surprised by how little we charge compared to local vendors"

Quality Standards and Security Measures

When you are selecting a trans-lingual data entry provider, you should insist on high standards for both quality and security. Here is how DataEntryOutsourced stacks up:

  • ISO Quality Guarantee: DEO guarantees that data management quality and privacy practices are in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • Language Specialists: We have a dedicated workforce for every major international language.
  • Multi-tier Quality Checks: With increasing data complexity, DEO takes the extra time and effort to regularly check and re-check our work.,
  • Dedicated Account Managers: You will always have one account manager assigned to your projects who has 8 years or more of data entry management experience.
  • Security Protocols and Restricted Workstation Access: DEO has instituted a demanding set of security protocols that even includes who has access to each workstation.

Our Data Entry Operators' Language Proficiency

Our ability to speak, read, and understand foreign language is an advanced skill. However, in today's international economy, even two or three languages are often not enough. We can help with foreign language data entry involving any of the following:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Polish
  • Latin
  • Korean
  • German
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Japanese

Other European and Asian Languages

DEO's Quality Guarantee

Your data deserves the best and we guarantee that our data entry operations will constantly be of the highest quality — that is why we can offer you a free trial that enables you to test our results and quality.