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1,000,000 Claims Data Entry for a German Vehicle Claims Management Company

Our Client – Germany Based Technology Giant

Based in Germany, the client digitizes and accelerates manual processes for vehicle claims management. Standardizing findings from over 50 million processes and databases they perform research and development to offer solutions that revolutionizes process claims. With main research areas in AI, Deep Learning, Automatic Image Recognition and Telematics, they serve insurance and leasing companies, car dealers, and manufacturers in the automotive domain. They are represented on four continents and process more than 9 million reports, cost estimates, invoices, and maintenance documents each year.

Germany Based Technology Giant

Project Requirements – CRM Data Entry

The client had thousands of claims insurance related documents containing numbers and finance figures that required data entry. They needed data insurance and Automotive Parts pulled up, extracted, and entered into their CRM system. This called for a reliable outsourcing partner who could perform manage data entry on a long-term basis for over 1,000,000 claims..

  • After learning of Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) through an online inquiry, the client decided to contract our services due to the following:
  • Ability to complete approximately 300 documents per day with the utmost accuracy given that the data would be used for critical insurance-related purposes.
  • Previous exposure to the insurance industry, which would help speed up processes and improve accuracy thanks to existing knowledge of industry terminology.

Challenges Faced by DEO

The DEO team faced several pressing challenges while working on this high-volume data entry project for the automotive insurance domain:

  • All of the claims were in Japanese, presenting a language barrier problem.
  • At this first stage itself we clarified the doubts and collected all the missing information from the client.
  • 10,000 documents had to be completed within 30 to 37 days, and this type of high-volume task is a huge challenge to complete.
  • The client CRM system was extremely slow, making it difficult to upload information in a timely fashion.
  • Some data fields were missing in the CRM, which required DEO to add customized fields based on input from the client.
  • DEO had to coordinate with the client’s teams across multiple locations in multiple languages.

The CRM Data Entry Process Followed

DEO developed a custom step-by-step approach to this process from initial client consultation through the workflow pipeline all the way to delivery:

  • DEO assembled 20 technicians to work exclusively on this assignment over the course of 10 months.
  • The client delivered input in the form of claims entry in PDF format, and DEO performed a trial on 200 documents, delivering it within 10 days.
  • Upon immediate approval from the client, the full-time contract went into effect.
  • DEO began by logging into the client's CRM system, navigating to the input folder to locate the claims in PDF format.
  • Each PDF had to be opened up and the information had to be carefully extracted using sophisticated data extraction techniques that would not compromise any crucial information.
  • A separate window would appear where data needed to be entered in the respective fields.
  • The data was submitted and saved within the client's CRM system, and an average of 300 documents were entered per day.
  • DEO was able to perform data entry for 100,000 insurance claims in 10,000 documents in 30 days.

Additional Value Add to Make Things Better for the Client

As there were missing fields, DEO customized new fields in the CRM system to facilitate a better outcome and a more organized database for the client.

50% Cost Saving on 10,000 Documents Data Entry for the Client

DEO was able to successfully execute this extremely high-volume data entry for insurance claims project with the following key takeaways:

  • The client saved over 50% in costs handing over the entire Logistics to DEO, only providing feedback on the work which left them plenty of time to focus on critical matters and core business functions
  • DEO accepted three more data entry projects from the client which included online data extraction, database management, and a long-term data entry project for 200,000 maintenance documents.
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