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Data Entry for the Largest Physician-Owned Radiology Center in the US

About the Client - US-based Radiology Practice Center

The client is the largest physician-owned and physician-led radiology practice in the US, renowned for a 40-year reputation as a leader in securing lasting client relationships. Their services are offered in over 1,000 hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers across 21 states, provided by over 1,400 board-certified radiologists. They have the capital and infrastructure to scale their practice and have plans to explore expansion in the near future. Offering interventional and diagnostic radiology services both on-site and remotely, the client is the quickest growing radiology practice in the US.

US-based Radiology Practice Center

Invoice Data Entry and management Requirements

The client had massive volumes of invoices spread across their locations that required digitalization via data entry, processing, and formatting. This task required strict adherence to data privacy and compliance to prevent any possibility of HIPAA violations. The client wanted to outsource with a leading data entry company that could manage a high volume, high-value invoice data entry project with integrity on a long-term basis.

Discovering Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) online, the client decided to contract our services due to the following:

  • Ability to provide invoice data entry services with specializations that include conversion, entry into specialized business applications, and indexing.
  • Dedication to providing a team of experienced, senior-level data entry technicians to manage the project and complete predetermined weekly delivery benchmarks as requested by the client.
  • Ability to scale services as needed to accommodate the fluctuating and unpredictable volume of invoices.

Challenges Faced by DEO’s Invoice Data Entry Team

The DEO team faced a few specific challenges while working on this invoice data entry project for the medical industry:

  • The various invoice formats, including hard and digital copies, handwritten, and typed documents coming in from different business entities, were challenging to sort through and organize for initial entry.
  • The data input needed to be checked for accuracy, which was difficult due to the multiple formats.

Process Outline for this Data Entry Project

DEO developed a step-by-step approach to this invoice data entry project that would effectively address challenges while establishing a protocol for best data entry practices:

  • DEO performed a trial on several invoices in different formats to ensure that there was a confirmed understanding of the task requirements designated by the client.
  • Upon approval from the client, DEO began working on the full-time project under an official contract.
  • The client shared the invoices through email, and DEO assembled a team of two dedicated resources to work exclusively on the assignment.
  • The DEO team used different formats to work effectively on the invoices, which required pricing models to be arranged around an hourly basis instead of a per data basis.
  • Each invoice was automatically scanned and entered into the system depending on the unique format, and then processed and configured for eventual entry into a database.
  • Metadata was added to the content as needed to ensure completeness and accuracy of all invoices and then verified by a Senior QC lead.
  • Daily output was delivered to the client depending on the volume that was needed on any given day and sent back to the client via email.

Additional Value Add from Data Entry Outsourced

DEO created several different versions of databases that would help the client better search and retrieve information based on various parameters.

Key Project Takeaways from this Project

This medical invoice data entry project continues to go smoothly on a long-term basis, with the following key takeaways:

  • The client was able to outsource tedious and time-consuming work to DEO and save 40% to 60% while doing so.
  • The client was impressed with the high percentage of accuracy across all deliverables and was pleased to extend the contract for the foreseeable future.
  • DEO was able to procure experienced resources to work on the invoice data entry backend operations and secure a lucrative long-term client.
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