Order Processing Data Entry for One of Australia’s Oldest Tiles Supplier

The Client – Tiles and Bathroom Wares Supplier

Established in 1960, the client is a tile and bathroom wares supplier that has over 100 outlets across Australia committed to providing the best and trendiest bathroom and tile supplies to Australian consumers, renovators, and builders. They’re the main supplier to some of Australia's most popular home renovation entertainment television shows, and their products are consistently featured on The Block, House Rules, Reno Rumble, and The Home Team.

Order Processing Data Entry Requirements from the Client

The client needed order processing data entry for tiles that were intended for homes, buildings, and offices. As one of Flat World Solutions oldest and most valuable clients, the client considered Data Entry Outsource (DEO) their first and only choice for this high-volume data management project because of the following:

  • The ability to manage the entire order processing data entry project with accuracy.
  • Ability to provide distinct data characteristics of the quality, quantity, and colors of the tiles in a way that was unique from other specifics.
  • Ability to meet the clients demand for resources who could work for seven hours on productivity and one hour on QC to meet the rigid timeline.

Challenges Faced by Our Data Entry Team

DEO faced a few challenges while working on this order management project:

  • Despite this being a data entry job, the project required educated resources with a civil engineering background, who could calculate the number of tiles required for a specific space.
  • DEO had to devote four educated civil engineers to work on this project to ensure accurate calculations, which left some skill gaps in other projects.
  • To accommodate the skill gaps on other assignments, DEO had to hire new civil engineering talent at expensive rates.

Order Process Data Entry Steps Followed by DEO

DEO prepared a customized process for this order management project, that would ensure a successful process, from input to delivery:

  1. DEO initiated a consultation with the client, and shared their concern with shift timing, as they originally wanted DEO to commit half a working day to their own work hours.
  2. This discussion established good communication and resulted in a mutual agreement that the shift timing was not required.
  3. The client shared sales orders with DEO in a smartsheet, which would require DEO’s team to use the CRM system to provide all the necessary product updates.
  4. DEO assigned six resources to create orders based on the builder or the customer’s name, order quantity, category, product type, and price.
  5. DEO provided the client with a tentative delivery date, and a guaranteed production of an average of 60-70 entries per day, and upwards of 150 entries when volumes spiked.
  6. DEO’s team was segregated to facilitate multitasking.
  7. Manufacturing orders were received, and the third cue ensures that it was delivered to the manufacturer and receives confirmation.
  8. All of the orders were shared with the client in an excel sheet.

Project Takeaways in the Form of 60% Cost Saving for the Client

Data Entry Outsourced continues to work on this long-term order data processing project successfully with the following key takeaways:

  • The client received a 60% cost savings while working with DEO.
  • The client was impressed with DEOs commitment to providing complementary skill sets in civil engineering to ensure the project was completed successfully.
  • Being highly satisfied with DEO, the client continues to work with us on this project, and two additional assignments.
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