25% Cost Saving on Data Extraction Project by Partnering with DEO

The Client – New Zealand Based Business Developer

Established in 2012, the client is a business developer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Their specialized team of entrepreneurs with experience in growth strategy uses a rich methodology and cost-effective solution to help new or pre-existing businesses define their levers for success. Through the use of market analysis or the development of a business case for their customers, the client can aid other companies to achieve faster outcomes with a proven business model.

Requirements for Data Extraction Project

Working in the fast-paced business world, the client needed a reliable partner to extract data from credible sources and create business profiles. It was imperative to work with a leading data extraction outsourcing company who could provide competitive price points, quickly comprehend the nature of the client’s business, and deliver the project within the expected deadline.

Learning from Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) through an online inquiry, the client decided to work with DEO due to the following:

  • Proven expertise in business research and data entry to better enable the client to translate that data into their own specific, client facing strategies.
  • Willingness to do any supplemental data collation and categorization necessary to understand better the niche market categories comprising the majority of the data extraction request.

Challenges Faced by the Data Mining and Data Entry Specialists at DEO

DEO confronted a few challenges while working on this data extraction project for the business development sector:

  • Due to its specificity, the client’s market has minimal to no online presence, and that strained DEO’s short timeframe to learn the client’s business and needs.
  • The scarcity of available data and niche market made it very difficult to find worthy information to extract, requiring numerous additional efforts on DEO’s part to find the right information.
  • The elevated number of specifications to follow for building the client’s business profile made DEO’s task highly time sensitive.

DEO’s Approach to This Project

To manage the challenges above, DEO developed a step-by-step process that helped streamline the project on a narrow deadline:

  • The client initially requested a trial assignment that required one resource to work with 66 profiles, to be delivered to the client in a day.
  • Once the client was satisfied with the trial output, the full-time contract went into effect.
  • The client started sending briefs through email with specifications for the products, including generic industry reports.
  • DEO assigned three proficient resources to work exclusively on the project, overseen by a Senior Project Manager.
  • The resources were able to identify, with the help of sophisticated automated systems, the various product manufacturers and sort them out by category and job market, such as food service suppliers, fresh organic food, cookies, etc.
  • The classification made it easier for the DEO team to extract, process, and integrate all of the data, and then start the creation of their business profile in an Excel file.
  • DEO delivered an average of 100 company profiles daily on an ongoing basis.

Additional Value Add

To add further value to the project, DEO created a neatly organized custom database to help the client efficiently track and keep up with their own customers.

Key Project Takeaways from This Data Extraction and Business Profiling Project

This data extraction and business profiling project proves to be a continued success for both the client and DEO, with the following key takeaways occurring:

  • The client is greatly satisfied with the quality of this ongoing project and has expressed the desire to hire our services for other projects in the future.
  • This task displayed DEO’s skill in executing intense and complex project requests, and DEO is delighted to work for the indefinite future on this unique project.
  • The client has been able to acquire more customers as a result of DEO’s efficient and high standard outsourcing model and enjoys an ongoing cost savings of 25% while working with DEO.
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