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Dublin Based Web Analytics Company Outsourced Data Entry Tasks with DEO and Received Affordable Rugby Footage Tagging Services

About Our Sports Data Analytics Client

The client is an analytics company based in Dublin, Ireland who specializes in rugby statistics and video playback. Analyzing the athletes and game mechanics enables the client to assist rugby coaches and their teams in improving their game. The client utilizes in-house software to tag game footage, calculate data, and compile it comprehensively so that the coaches and teams can easily understand the information.

Sports Data Analytics Client case study

The Data Entry Requirements

The client wanted to outsource a significant portion of their data entry tasks and needed a reliable partner who could capture rugby game data and then provide information back to the rugby teams in a particular format. This assignment included examining pre-recorded rugby footage, tagging actions as they occurred, and uploading it into the client's system.

The client learned of Data Entry Outsourced's (DEO) success managing unique data entry projects, and decided to partner with us due to the following:

  • Years of proven experience performing unique data entry tasks across a wide range of diverse industries.
  • Ability to offer cost-effective, efficient data entry services while still providing high-quality results.
  • Willingness to do supplemental research on the game of rugby to quickly and correctly complete the assignment requirements.
  • The capability of working according to the client's time frame and scheduling needs, which by extent was based on the rugby team's game schedules.

Challenges We Faced in This Sports Data Entry Project

The DEO team dealt with some unique challenges over the course of this very technical project:

  • DEO had to conduct extensive research to gain knowledge about the game of rugby, including learning the technical aspects, scoring system, popular plays, and other crucial information that would assist them in providing accurate results.
  • The team had to ensure that they correctly recognized all the pertinent players as this was critical to the game footage tagging process, which was done according to player name.
  • Referee signals had to be learned and memorized for speed and ease of tagging.
  • The client's deadline was very short, and DEO had to take this into account when doing supplemental research and completing all requirements.

DEO's Approach to This Unique Data Entry Project

A project with so many specific athletic and sporting components required a customized approach to ensure success:

  • The DEO team participated in an initial consultation with the client to open up communication, discuss the project requirements, and offer suggestions to elevate the assignment.
  • DEO assigned three resources, based on experience and expertise level, to work exclusively on this project.  
  • The team began thorough research on rugby and its rules, watching hours of material and analyzing the mechanics.
  • With assistance from the client, the DEO team learned about all of the actions involved in the game to support the data entry tasks.
  • The team proceeded with tagging players and referee signals, and all other data entry components, paying particular attention to accuracy during the tagging process.
  • The project was completed on time, under budget, and was delivered to the client via the requested format.

The Project Outcome

DEO was able to complete this unique, rugby based data entry project successfully and cost-effectively, and the following results occurred:

  • The client approved the completed project immediately, and due to the accuracy of execution and detailed tagging, required no further modifications.
  • The client was able to provide the finished video playbacks to the rugby coaches and teams in an organized and comprehensive format.
  • DEO was pleased to accept additional, ongoing data entry assignments from the client to provide further services to their web analytics company.
  • Another long-term client and the successful case were added to DEO's list of professional achievements.
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