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A Prominent U.S. Nutritional Scoring Firm Performs Highly Sensitive Nutrition Scale Data Entry for over 40,000 Food Products at DataEntryOutsourced

The Client – Innovator in Nutrition and Health Information Systems

  • The client is an established pioneer in Nutrition Information Systems.
  • The client's proprietary nutritional scoring system has been endorsed by the American College of Preventive Medicine as "scientifically-rigorous" and "applies to all foods."
  • It is no surprise therefore that the client's food nutrition scale and nutritional valuing system are currently used by nearly 2,000 supermarkets in the US.
Innovator in Nutrition and Health Information

The Situation – Accurate Labeling Needed for Food Products

  • The client had a large amount of nutritional data to be entered into their nutritional data storing system for more than 40,000 food products
  • Given the sensitivity of the data involved, the client did not wish to handover the project to one vendor straightaway, but shortlisted 3 data entry outsourcing companies including Data Entry Outsourced and passed on a trial volume to test the performance
  • Thus, the DEO team received data for 500 food products to be completed within a month
  • Nearly 50 data points had to be entered for each product, including but not limited to:
    • Brand Name
    • Manufacturing Date
    • Nutritional Fact Panel Data
    • Ingredients Statement
    • Universal Product Code etc.
  • The client insisted that those involved in the project possess a basic functional about:
    • Nutritional System Data Entry
    • The sensitivities involved in information on nutrition and health
    • The impact of nutrition labels for food on the public's food choices

The Challenges

During the trial period, we faced a few challenges.

  • The client had accumulated a large volume of data entry backlog from their in-house operations, which they wanted the DEO team to clear first
  • It took a week to get a complete understanding of the client's scientific processes and proprietary nutritional system, but we worked closely with the client in this regard

The DEO Solution

Our reliable "dual" data entry solution included the following:

  • 2 data entry operators were inducted into the project, and the team was supervised by a manager who also acted as the QA
  • Both the data entry operators entered the same data points of each product
  • The QA had the access to monitor these "dual" data entries and make "double sure" that the nutritional data entered is 100% accurate
  • Once quality checks are through, the QA/Manager approves and passes on the data for nutritional scoring by the client

The Results

The following results were achieved:

  • The client was perfectly satisfied with our efforts and found DEO's quality and dedication to be superior to the other vendors, and hence handed over the entire task of entering 40,000 to 50,000 nutritional data entry to our team
  • Besides, the client also assigned additional tasks of converting their PDF files to JPG (see process map) which was initially carried out by a different vendor – to cut process costs
  • The Data Entry Outsourced team have up-scaled their dual data entry capacity from 200 data points per day to 4000 data points per day
  • The turnaround time promised to the client was maintained

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