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London Based Confectionary Company Leverages DEO's Data Entry Support, Accelerates Daily Product Deliveries


Our client is a manufacturer in the food and beverage industry, particularly famous for their healthy and delicious doughnuts. They boast of a large customer base and operate several stores across the country.

London Based Confectionary Company case study

They wanted to partner with Data Entry Outsourced for professional data entry services. The tasks were to enter data under three categories, namely Ordered, Delivered, and Returned products, in the client’s database on a daily basis.

The company has been struggling to maintain its sales target as there was a lag between two scheduled deliveries.

The Client

Our client is an established food brand from United Kingdom and a doughnut manufacturer with nearly 50 stores across the country. They boast a large customer base and undertake several undertaken throughout the day to ensure that their clients buy only the freshest doughnuts.

The Problem

The client noticed that there was a lag between two deliveries causing a major setback in timely deliveries. This resulted in delayed deliveries of doughnuts, insufficient stocking of products, and inability to sell fresh products to clients. Over the period, the client noticed customer churn, massive wastage of product, and a drop in overall revenues.

The Challenges

The clients went through several rounds of discussion to identify what was causing delayed deliveries. They realized that their drivers were entering delivery information manually which was causing delays in the delivery schedule, leading to severe repercussions. The delayed deliveries affected their daily sales and caused dissatisfaction among customers.

The client had previously been unable to sort out the problem though they had tried various methods. Lastly, they decided to outsource the task to streamline the process and improve daily sales and improve overall revenue.

How We Helped

The client had a clear and specific need for outsourcing data entry services within their allotted costs. They needed an expert data entry specialist who could enter the Ordered, Delivered, and Returned products in the client’s database on a day-to-day basis.

The client trained the team on the requisite system and processes their own automated software like Cybake and Optimoroute. They relieved the drivers of the cumbersome tasks of entering the delivery details at every stop. Instead, the drivers were assigned to upload the before and after images of the product counter. Our team of data entry specialists reviewed the picture and accordingly fed the appropriate data in the three categories in the software. This helped reduce the time spent by drivers at each store while improving delivery timelines.

At the end of the day, we submitted a concise report on the total number of deliveries undertaken and products returned, and unsold. The client was also particular that we strictly follow all data security policies.

Our Strategic Solution

Our team of data entry specialists quickly understood the nitty gritty of operating the software which the client provided us with. The client was kept updated on the daily entries. Any technicalities or problems that came up quickly were sorted out after consultation with the client.

  • The team effectively entered the details into three categories, as the client suggested.
  • The data was updated at the earliest so that the client could access delivery data whenever required.


The exceptional data entry service provided by DEO, helped the drivers complete their deliveries on time. The client could see a significant improvement in the streamlined processes and timely updates. Our efforts helped reduce the time drivers spend at each store, which eventually reduced the client's costs significantly for drivers per hour. Additionally, the quicker delivery timelines also led to less wastage and improved their daily sales.

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